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Using the Honda Navigation DVD for GPS Map Updates

If you are the proud owner of a Honda Civic and Accord, or in fact any type of Honda vehicle then you will be interested to know that the latest GPS map update DVD has now been released to coincide with the new year of 2012 approaching.  The Honda Navigation 2012 DVD update will only […]

A Pistol Safe for Your Vehicle

Do you have a permit to carry a concealed gun?  This is becoming much more common as almost 3/4 of the US states have enacted some conceal carry laws.  Even though you have the permit, there are still plenty of places you can not or prefer not to carry a firearm.  Most government buildings, schools, […]

Learn About the Different Types of Motor Homes for Sale by Owner

There are several different types of motor homes you can buy. If you are interested in buying motor homes for sale by owner, you will probably encounter several of these different kinds motor homes. The first type of motor home is referred to as a Class C. This motor home is built on the chassis […]

Top Four Reasons to Buy a Luxury Car Brand:

It is not uncommon to see people aspiring to buy a luxury car brand. A luxury cars would be many things for them. A top luxury car brand may be what they would have dreamed for while they were kids. Well what exactly are the reasons for people opting to buy a luxury car. The […]