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Engine Services from C&S Auto Repair

What You Should Expect From Professional Engine Inspections and Repairs When it comes to your vehicle, there are few things as important as the engine. Ensuring the longevity of your vehicle means getting a good engine inspection and tune-up at the appropriate times. Of course, this needs to be performed by technicians with the training […]

Why Choose Cedar Creek Dental?

Technical skill is crucial when it comes to quality dental work, but at Cedar Creek Dental, it doesn’t stop there. The friendly staff at their dental clinic is attentive to the concerns of their patients, knowing just how much anxiety can come with a dental appointment. After all, the teeth are some of the most […]

All About Periodontal Disease

What Is Periodontal Disease? Often referred to as simply “gum disease”, periodontal disease is a broad term for inflammatory conditions affecting the various tissues surrounding the teeth. These tissues include:   Gingiva: The gum tissue. Cementum: The outer layer of the teeth roots. Alveolar bone: The sockets that hold the teeth. Periodontal ligaments (PDLs): The […]