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Engine Bay Cleaning is a Crucial Part of Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle clean is one of the most basic aspects of car maintenance. A clean body will allow you to see any potential problems in the paint that might need to be addressed. Also, driving around in a dirty car can make you a careless driver. You need to be proud of a clean […]

A Pistol Safe for Your Vehicle

Do you have a permit to carry a concealed gun?  This is becoming much more common as almost 3/4 of the US states have enacted some conceal carry laws.  Even though you have the permit, there are still plenty of places you can not or prefer not to carry a firearm.  Most government buildings, schools, […]

Getting Your Automobile Ready for Car Transport

Often when a person decides to move, the one area of concern that tends to pop up, is that of the car or cars that they own. If they are not able to get a person to drive them to the new location, they will need to consider automobile shipping. This is an easy and […]

How I Used Quality Garage Floor Covering To Improve My Shop

I recently bought a new home. Well, it’s new to me anyway. It’s what they call a “fixer-up” that requires a significant amount of work in order to get it into top-notch condition. This home has a garage that comes with it, and I plan to use the garage as a work shop, where I […]

Protect Your Car With A Canvas Carport Kit

Every thing needs a shelter including our cars. It is a good thing if we have a garage, but what if we do not have one? Simple, check out a car cover or canvas carport kits. Carport kits vary from metal to polyethylene materials. At least in the US, metal carport kits are very popular […]

Garage Plans

When I first started thinking about the topic of garage plans I was afraid that I couldn’t find enough material to make it worthwhile for my readers. A garage is only four walls with a few garage doors, right? No, not by a long shot. Garages are more complicated than carports, but they offer so […]

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