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What Is Comparative Negligence?

At one time most states in the U.S. had contributory negligence statutes. These statutes stated that if a person was even 1% at fault for an accident he could not recover damages from another party. Recognizing the intrinsic unfairness of these statutes, 46 of the 50 states have replaced contributory negligence with comparative negligence statutes. […]

Car Insurance – Don’t Be Loyal To Your Current Insurer

If you want to get a cheap car insurance quote then you should not be loyal to your current provider and not renew your policy with them again. In most cases this year motor insurance premiums have gone up by as much as 30%, which is a considerable rise. So it is now more important […]

Get the Advantage of Courier Van Insurance

Courier van insurance is not a normal insurance policy and has been designed specifically for van owners who have a courier service. When you are using your van for delivering items to businesses or residential homes you need the right kind of insurance.  Courier van Insurance is not the same type of insurance as van […]

Car Insurance: Are Motorist’s Paying To Much?

Are you paying too much for your car insurance premium? Is it more beneficial to be loyal to your car insurance company or to yourself? When it comes to motor insurance today, if you have been with the same insurance company for a couple of years, then you may find that you will be treated […]

The Right Steps to Selecting a Proper Car Insurance Company

Do you know what can keep your car insurance premium down?  All motorists want the cheapest car insurance quotes and they can if they follow the following steps below. But how do motorists choose the right policy for them, and what steps do you need to learn in order to get the cheapest car insurance […]