10 Easy Steps For Planning Your Quinceanera

In Latin culture, a quinceanera is a traditional celebration held for a girl once she reaches the age of fifteen. Much like a sweet-sixteen, a quinceanera is a massive party celebrating a girl’s transformation from girl to woman. Planning a quinceanera in San Antonio takes months of planning. From figuring out what your budget is going to be, deciding your guest list to choosing your dress, and finding a choreographer and selecting the right music-there is a lot to be done and staying organized is critical! Below, we’ve listed the ten steps you need to take to ensure that your Quinceanera is one you’ll never forget. Plus, at the Jewel of Art Dance Studio, we offer a variety of dance classes including, quinceanera choreography. 

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Planning Your Quinceanera 

Create Your Budget

Quinceaneras tend to be extravagant parties, and your quince should be as well! Your budget should include venue, decor, food, invites, and dresses, and any other essentials, according to Well Dressed Tables. Planning your budget should start as early as possible. Be sure to check with parents, godparents, and any other family who plan on helping with the costs of the celebration. 

Design Your Guest List

latin couple dancing - San Antonio quinceanera

Since this is a more traditional celebration, your family members need to be a priority on your list. Feel free to include as many friends as family as you wish, as long as you have the budget to cover it. More people equals more money. 

Choose Your Venue

In addition to impacting your budget, how many people you invite will also affect your venue. If you’re following the traditional path, you will need to book both a church and a reception site. Some churches have reception sites attached, but be sure to check first. Additionally, most churches require attendance up to six months before an event for you to be able to use their space, according to this article from Angie’s List. You’ll want to discuss this with the church pastor before securing your spot. 

Assemble Your Court & Escort

The Courts de Honor at traditional quinces has a total of fifteen couples, including the birthday girl and her escort. Some modern-day quinces are changing this to have seven couples with the Quinceanera go without an escort or man of honor.

Select Your Theme

One of the more exciting portions of planning your quince is being able to choose your theme. Imaginative and popular ideas include Cinderella, Under the Sea, Paris, Hollywood, among others. Choosing your colors and theme will directly affect the dresses, decorations, accessories, music, and even types of dance classes in San Antonio you attend. Start looking for your dresses and the dresses and tuxedos for your Court. As the quinceanera, you may have up to three wardrobe changes on your big day. Including the ceremony dress, reception dress, and dance dress. 

Hire a Choreographer

One of the essential parts of a quince is the dancing. So hiring a San Antonio quinceanera choreographer to help you put together a dance that goes with your theme is one of the first things you need to do (along with everything else). This should be done anywhere from six to nine months before the date of your Quinceanera so that you and your Court have enough time to attend rehearsals and get the choreography down. 

Hire The Essentials

Woman in silver dress holding shoes - San Antonio quinceanera

Your quince will need music, and you’ll want pictures and even video to remember your big day. Avoid having a family member or friend in charge of this so that they can also enjoy your big day. You’ll need to hire at least a photographer and DJ, but you may also want to hire a videographer if you wish to have a video. 

Create Your Menu

As long as you have enough food for everyone you’re inviting, how and what you serve is entirely up to you. You can choose to have your celebration catered buffet style, or you may opt for a more potluck type gathering, where family members and friends can bring their specialty dishes. Along with your menu, don’t forget the cake! Your cake should complement your theme, and there should be enough of it for each guest you invite. 


Part of choosing your theme will also include selecting invitations to send to your guests. Don’t forget to send these or no one will show up at your party! A good rule of thumb is to send your invitations two to four months in advance. This way, your attendees have enough time to take time off if needed, but it’s not too far in advance that they will forget. 

Have Fun!

Most quince blogs, like Angie’s List and Well Dressed Tables, will tell you that the most crucial part of your Quinceanera is to have fun, and we couldn’t agree more. Aside from celebrating with family, dancing with friends, and eating delicious food, this is your day, and you should have the most fun. So get out on the floor and dance!

If you are looking for a choreographer to help with your San Antonio quinceanera, contact Jewel of Art Dance Studio today. We will help you shine like the diamond you are on your special day. 


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