3 Top Trucks for 2011

Despite rising fuel prices, the heavy truck market is more popular than ever. Manufacturers have been able to meet the changing needs of the public by offering trucks than burn less fuel, offer more power, and provide car-like comfort. Listed below are three of the best choices.

2011 Dodge Ram 1500

Advantages – Critics loved every aspect about the Ram 1500. The back seat offers plenty of room and the cabin offers WiFi and several other high-end features that you’d only expect to find in a luxury sedan or SUV. When it comes to interior, you can’t beat the Ram 1500.

Drawbacks – Although the Ram is near perfect, reviewers did find some problems with the V6 engine. Competing 4 cylinder trucks like the Ford Ranger offer an equal amount of power and burn far less gas than the Ram. However, it is still the perfect truck for drivers who want good towing performance, quality features, interior comfort, and macho styling.

2011 Toyota Tundra

Advantages – The Tundra is another excellent all-around choice. It has great looks, good performance, and superior fuel economy against competing models in its class. The Tundra is very practical and will meet the expectations of any truck buyers. You’ll get multiple cap options, a powerful engine, and comfortable seating all in one package.

Drawbacks – A major complaint about the Tundra is its under-steering problem. In addition, it is outdone by the Ram 1500 in terms of styling and handling. Aside from those factors, it is still a competent and well-built vehicle.

2011 Ford F150

Advantages – The F150 is the best-selling pickup in the US, and for good reason. It features an all-new engine array and has undergone a full redesign to make it especially suited for the modern market. It is ranked as one of the trucks with best gas mileage, despite its powerful V6 and V8 engine choices.

Disadvantages – It’s almost impossible to find something bad about the F-150. This vehicle has almost no weak points and can be used for any trucking situation. However, be prepared to pay an SUV-level price for it, especially if you buy a premium trim.

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