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4 Reasons Why You Should Sign Your Child Up For Dance Classes

If you’ve ever spent the day with a toddler, you’re probably well aware of the seemingly endless energy they seem to have. Whether they’re running around outside, jumping up and down on couch cushions, beds, chairs, etc. or dancing to their favorite rendition of “Baby Shark” for the hundredth thousandth time, trying to keep up with a toddler is next to impossible. Not to mention, if this boundless energy isn’t harnessed in a constructive way, meltdowns are guaranteed to happen. 

As parents and guardians, it is our duty to find creative and positive outlets for our children to express themselves. One such way that we can do this is by signing them up for children’s dance classes in San Antonio as soon as possible. 

The benefits of taking your child to a dance class are numerous and range from physical, mental and emotional benefits. Below we will expand upon the benefits children receive when they participate in dance at a young age along with children’s dance classes offered in San Antonio by The Jewel of Art Dance Studio.

For more information on our dance classes for both children and adults, feel free to contact us via phone or email. You can find a full list of the classes we offer here.

The Benefits Of Dance Classes for Children


Probably the most obvious benefit of having your child participate in dance is the physical aspect of dancing. Children’s dance classes in San Antonio such as ballet, tap, jazz or hip-hop will help to improve overall flexibility, stamina and muscle tone according to this article from I See Me. Dance has also been known to help posture and balance and provides a constructive outlet to get all of that pent-up energy out at dance class rather than at home. Additionally, dance helps with body awareness and coordination so that children have more control over their movements both on and off the dance floor. 


Dancing is a form of exercise that gets the muscles moving and increases the heart rate, thus improving endurance and cardiovascular health. And as Elle Woods so aptly put it, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy…” Not only does dancing release the “feel-good” chemical endorphins that make us feel happier, but dance classes also help to build confidence and develop a more positive body image. 

Dancing also requires mental focus to learn choreography or to simply follow instructions. This can help your child excel academically down the road. 


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Unless your toddler is in daycare or surrounded by siblings, they may not get much interaction with children their age. San Antonio children’s dance classes can help to fill in this much needed social gap. Dance of all kinds encourages teamwork, communication and working together to achieve a common goal. Many students who begin dancing at an early age form lifelong friendships. Furthermore, dance classes have been known to help a child who may be shy come out of their shell. 


At its core, dance is an art form that has been around since humankind has been on this planet. A way to express ourselves and use our imaginations, dancing teaches a child different ways to convey their own unique and individual movement in relation to rhythm and music. Many cultures across the globe have influenced much of the dance that is offered in today’s dance classes and can inspire your child to learn more about different cultures as well as channel their own creativity into different forms of art that they are drawn to such as art, music or theater

San Antonio Dance Classes For Children

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As you can see the advantages of enrolling your child in dance classes are extremely beneficial to their overall development. However, if you’ve never signed up your child for dance, it can be difficult to know which class to choose. Jewel of Art Dance Studio can help you with your decision. The following are children’s dance classes that we offer in San Antonio and recommend for children:

  • Mommy and Me -This 45-minute dance class is designed for mothers and children to bond through the art of dance. Included in each class is stretching, creative dance and rhythm as well as a sing-a-long. A perfect introductory class for both mother and child, Mommy and Me can help to improve your child’s motor skills through movement. This class is geared for ages 18-month – 3 years old. 
  • Combo I – Designed for ages 4-5, this 45-minute dance class is an introduction to classical ballet placements and body positions. Tap and creative dance with singing are also included in this class. 
  • Combo II – Progressing from Combo I, Combo II is for children ages 6-7 and includes ballet, jazz and tumbling. Within this hour class children will learn, ballet placement, body placement and introductory combinations at the barre. Additionally, jazz technique across the floor and tumbling will be taught. 
  • Tumbling 101 – For children who are looking to solely learn tumbling technique, tumbling 101 teaches children ages seven and up flexibility, strength, and endurance along with gymnastics training. 

For more information or to get your child enrolled in our San Antonio dance classes, contact us today. We consider all of our students our jewels and want to make sure your jewel is given every opportunity to shine with brilliance.