Home Burglary

Avoiding Home Burglary

Back in the day, home security meant forking over thousands of dollars for quality cameras, motion sensors, and professional setup. Luckily, for the average homeowner, modern security systems are better quality, more affordable, and easy to install by yourself. Of course, there are many home systems on the market, and some are clearly better than others. A good security system features motion trackers, security cameras, and even smart home features that allow you to view your home while you’re away and set off alarms when spotting intruders.

Needless to say, security systems have come a long way. However, not everyone feels the need to be sure their home is secure. Most homeowners have a hard time believing that they could ever be victim to home burglary.

Unnerving Burglary Statistics

  • In the United States, home burglaries occur about every 15 seconds.
  • Approximately 30% of all home burglaries are considered “unforced entry,” which means that the burglar was able to enter the home without actually breaking barriers (such as windows or doors) to enter.
  • The average value stolen during a home invasion is approximately $1,600.
  • Less than 14% of home burglaries crimes are actually solved.
  • Almost 30% of homes have security systems installed. However, those without a home security system are two to three times more likely to experience a break-in.

Many fall victim to these terrible statistics. Imagine walking into your home, after a nice evening with your family, to find your house completely ransacked. Your valuables missing and your rooms turned upside down. What a devastating and violating experience to go through! Not to mention the headache of having to replace valuables and repair damage caused by the burglars. Many families have experienced this very scenario and have been left with the “what if” questions swirling through their heads.

What if we hadn’t left this evening?

What if we came home 20 minutes earlier?

However, the main question that should be asked before a home burglary occurs, is what am I doing to keep my home safe and intruders out?

It is important to put your best foot forward when it comes to protection for your home and your family.

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