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What Are St. George Bicycle Accessories?

You may ask yourself what the purpose is of having bicycle accessories. St. George bicycle accessories not only add comfort to a ride but are also practical in many situations. If you have spent a lot of time riding a bike, you will know the importance of these accessories. For example, riding at night without light can be treacherous. Depending on how you plan on using your bike and what type of bike you have, will help you determine which accessories are necessary for you. Bicycle Universe breaks accessories down into two sections: (1) safety; and (2) convenience.

St. George Bicycle Accessories to Keep You Safe

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As you go to purchase a bike, you will notice that a child’s bike will come with more accessories than an adult’s bike. Often, bikes do not come with any accessories, so these will have to be added after purchase. St. George bicycle accessories are important to keep you safe while out on the trail or cruising down the paved road. Safety should be your number one priority when out on your bike by yourself, with your friends, or family. There are certain accessories that will keep you safe out on the trail while there are others that will protect you from traffic. Some of the accessories that you will want to keep you safe are discussed below.


A light will come in handy in many situations. You can use one while riding on a road at night. It will allow you to see where you are going as well as alert cars that you are on the road. Lights will also be helpful when you are out biking on the trails and the sun has gone down. There are a lot of treacherous obstacles that you will have to avoid while coming off a mountain. The light will let you know where those obstacles are.

You can have headlights as well as lights on the back of your bike. When you are out on a road at night, there are red lights that you can have on the back of your bike that flash. These lights can keep those on the road and yourself safe from any accidents. You can find either of these lights for a decent price. These lights are really important in keeping you safe on the road and in the mountains.


When you have a mirror, it will let you know what is going on around you. Sometimes you have to drive for yourself and those around you. It is an accessory that gives you more time to react before an accident occurs. These mirrors can attach directly to your handlebars. When it is attached to your handlebars, you do not have to worry about leaving it at home or forgetting it. Another option to attaching it to your handlebars, is to attach to your helmet. This will allow you to glance up quickly to see what is behind you.


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Helmets are a must to keep you safe and out of the hospital. It doesn’t matter where you are at; the bike park, on the road, or in the mountains, a helmet should be one of your first purchases. Helmets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Helmets are often designed for the specific type of riding you want to do. For example, you will have a different helmet for riding on the road than you will have for riding the steep trails in the mountains. In case of an accident, a helmet can at least offer you some protection from the wreck.

Water Bottle Holder

You could probably put this under a convenient accessory. However, riding around the desert in extreme temperatures it can become a safety accessory. Staying hydrated out on the road or trail can keep you safe and allow you to have a lot of fun.

St. George Bicycle Accessories for Your Convenience

There are many accessories you can attach to your bike that will make your riding experience better and more comfortable. From pant clips to baskets, there will be an accessory that will bring value to your riding.

Pant Clips

As simple as these are, they keep you safe and are convenient. If you have ever had your pants stuck in the chain, then you know how dangerous that can be. They come in metal, or velcro with reflective strips. These are great especially if you ride to work. They will keep your pants clean by keeping them away from the chain.

Camera Holder

If you are out on the trail or on the road, you may want some cool shots of your adventures. Camera holders can attach to your handlebars. For example, you can hook up your go pro and capture everything on camera. It is fun to see your perspective as you are cruising off the mountain or competing in an event. You will be able to show friends and family for years to come.

Handlebars and Pedals

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There are a lot of aftermarket handlebars and pedals. These will allow you to get the perfect fit. If you want comfort, sometimes you have to mix and match pieces on your bike. Handlebars will fit everyone different that is why it is important to get the right ones for you. Pedals can also vary depending on your activity.


Another St. George bicycle accessory that can be beneficial is a fender. Fenders can keep mud and water off of you as you ride. They make your bike look good and also have a practical use.


You can purchase many types of biking clothing that will fit your needs. There is spandex and jersey material for riding bikes on the road. On the other hand, there are other outfits that are made of durable material to keep you safe out on the trail.

What is Included in Bike Repairs?

bicycle repair

Just like cars, bikes also need repairs. Bikes can have a basic tune-up or a major tune-up. St. George bicycle accessories may also have to be repaired after years of use or a crash. When you go to have a tune-up, you should expect the following to be included:

  • Adjusting gears
  • Adjusting brakes
  • Check dropout
  • Checking the chain
  • Check bearings
  • Check fasteners and bolts
  • 30-day warranty
  • Cleaning chain and whole bike.

Bikes after a while will need to be adjusted. Riding causes things to get out of alignment and brakes will have to be changed. If your bike needs some adjustment or it has been a long time since you have taken it in, contact Bicycles Unlimited so that they can get you back outside and riding.