Car Signs-6 Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of different car signs out there. In particular, car magnetic signs are really taking off in popularity. Here are six FAQs

1) What are the benefits of magnetic signs?

They stick well to the car, without the risk of them peeling off. They are very adaptable, and can be used on any kind of vehicle out there. Because they are magnets, you do not have to worry about them damaging the vehicle when taking them off. With other signs, you have to tear them off, which oftentimes harm the paint.

Also, most times they can be customized to be the same color as the car they are put on. This makes it look like the sign was painted on.

2) What size do the signs come in?

There are signs of all different dimensions. Most of them are roughly 8 by 11, although you can go all the way up to 18 by 24. It really depends on the size of the car or truck you are placing it on.

3) Where does a car sign go?

In most instances they are either put on the bumper or door. However, there are car top signs and car window signs as well.

4) Who uses magnetic car signs?

They are often used to market a company, which is why most company cars have them. They are a great form of cheap advertising, because once you buy the sign, the promotion is basically free. Also, it is sure to get viewed by a number of people. Also, private citizens often use them to voice their political opinion or simply tell a joke. There are baby on board car signs, funny car signs, etc.

5) Do they work for advertising?

A magnetic car sign will not bring in a ton of business. However, if you live in a larger city and your car is seen by a lot of people each day, it might be effective. Some companies even choose to pay other people to put their car signs on their vehicles. This may not be necessary, but as long as you have a vehicle you drive around, you might as well make good use of it.

6) How durable are magnetic signs for cars?

The better ones can go as long as four years before needing replacing. They are made to not fade, which means you do not have to park in the garage to avoid the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The bottom line-car signs can be effective, depending on how they are used. Even if it does not work, what are you risking? They are basically free, and are a great way to promote your company or voice your opinion.