Children Obesity and Its Health Risks

Children have higher requirements for energy to sustain their bodies’ demands while they are going through their growing stage. Their growth mainly depends on how healthy their meals are and the physical activities they get involved with. But just same as adults, when they take in more calories than their body requires for supplement, the extra portion is stored automatically to the body’s unhealthy fat reservoir which is the reason why the number of obese children increases rapidly. It is crucial to have children lose weight safely at much earlier time as this will be easier than when they become an adult.

The problem is that these obese children tend to grow up obese adults which results in getting higher health risks like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and coon cancer. The risk level increases as the child becomes older that is why it is important to prevent this epidemic at much earlier time. They are more susceptible to having onset diabetes as it happens when the body is already incapable of producing enough insulin relative to the size of the body and the amount of food consumed.  Diabetes is one of the grave health problems which bring many health complications which can put your life in extreme danger. Cardiovascular diseases due to being obese are caused by fat accumulation in the arteries. It blocks blood from circulation properly which makes the heart to pump harder thus increasing the risk of having heart attack.

Children who are overweight are at higher risks to have contradicting diseases. Normally, fat cells are being laid down at life’s early stages so when more fats are stored, more fats will be created. An obese child can have 5 times more of fat cells than a normal child has. Adults will then have fixed number of fat cells as soon as the amount of fat cells stops to increase. This results to a programmed amount of fat to be stored until they reach their adulthood. This will result to a much difficult way of losing weight.

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