Civic Coilovers And Installations

A coilover forms part of a vehicle’s suspension and is short for “coil spring over strut”. Made up of a shock absorber that has a coil spring attached around it, they are made as one unit before it is then installed in your car. This means that the whole unit is also replaced when the shock absorbers wear out.

Coilovers are used to provide the correct amount of damping without torsional loads and they also allow one to adjust the ride height and stiffness through the use of a threaded spring perch that looks like a nut.

The more complicated or advanced a coilover system is, the more it will use a threaded shock body that will have an adjustable lower mount that lets one adjust the ride height with a knob for adjusting damping also known as stiffness. A key part in stiffness is the spring rate. Honda Civic Coilovers do not need extra parts and are not the same as a shock absorber and spring setup. They are usually installed in a racing car to increase road grip and handling.Civic Coilovers

Civic coilovers can be installed in any garage that specializes in installing coilover systems and there are different models that one can choose from to find the correct one.
This will allow one to be able to handle different road and track conditions easily while improving on your overall balance. It will also fine tune your suspension and allow you to take sharp corners more easily and give you a better feel of your car. With all the different options available one will be hard pressed to pick the correct kit for your car.

Your mechanic will tell you that when buying a Civic coilover kit, it is best not to be stingy with money as the more expensive brands which in many cases are the well established ones have a background of engineering, research and track testing which will ensure that you end up with the best possible kit that will be compatible with your car. This is important to note because a lot of people might be tempted to buy a cheaper brand only to end up with an inferior product.

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