The Classic Volvo 200 Series

One of Sweden’s gift to the world is the car company known as Volvo Car Corporation. Established in 1927, Volvo has developed to be one of the most trusted and most reliable car companies on the planet. Since its inception Volvo has been creating cars that were innovative and cutting-edge, something they continued to do beyond 1999 as part of Ford’s Premiere Automotive Group. Under Ford, the Volvo name experienced a surge in popularity, which made a lot of people find the best deals on Volvo cars they could find. And among the most sought after cars from the Volvo line were the ones from the 200 series.

The 200 series from Volvo has grown over the years to be perhaps the most recognized of Volvo’s cars. They have also been the most well-received cars of the whole Volvo brand. They are mostly mid-sized family cars that have been made since 1974, and up until 1993 had sold over 3 million cars worldwide.

The 200 series had a number of variants during its run, eight of which were heavily based on the Volvo 240 and 260, two Volvo cars that had brought record sales to the company during their individual manufacturing runs in the 80s and the early 90s. These two cars laid the foundations for many of Volvo’s future vehicles.

The many models in the 200 series have bodies that are very similar to the 164 and 140 series models. These bodies normally have very big front and rear ends to help protect the driver and passengers in the event of a car collision; passenger safety has become a very critical part of Volvo’s identity.

At first, the first models from the 200 series were equipped with small engines, only 4-cylinder, 100bhp ones. The later models, however, were eventually equipped with more powerful engines, like the 6-cylinder PRV engines made by Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo. And for people who prefer diesel, there were diesel variants made using the diesel engines made by the Volkswagen group.

The 200 series cars from Volvo have become one of the most popular Volvo cars today. A typical 200 series Volvo for sale can be very competitive in the market, depending on the condition and maintenance. To find one, Volvo fans should visit any used car showroom or surf online for dealers nationwide.

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