Interactive Design

Developing The Interactive Digital World

Interactive design has the power to dynamically and fundamentally alter the way your customers and clients perceive and understand the value and benefits of your business. It can foster trust in what your business offers. It can instill familiarity with your services or products. It can open doors to more opportunity for your business.

In other words, Interactive Design can positively change the entire way your customers and clients interact with your business.

An experienced interactive design agency can help you create business programs, mobile apps, websites, and other digital experiences that can help your customers do all of those things, and more. Interactive design professionals can help your business design and craft these interactive digital experiences while maintaining a high level of brand recognition that is so crucial to compete in an ever-changing digital world.

What Interactive Design Accomplishes

One of the key goals of interactive design is ease of use. It is simply not enough to create a digital platform that is capable of performing a range of useful tasks. You need digital platforms that are easy to use and easy to learn — and look good doing it. What we do as an interactive design agency is look beyond the data and beyond the desired tasks or outcomes; we do this in order to envision what could be possible. Yes, we could simply create a basic, interactive experience that is “just good enough,” but our passion is creating powerful, intuitive interactive experiences that are extremely useful, exceptionally beautiful, and incredibly easy to use.

App Development

When you provide a high quality and well executed digital experience that people can interact with, it is far easier to attract more customers and capture more opportunity than ever before.

After all, isn’t that what your presence in the digital arena is really about?

Interactive Design Services

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that interactive design experts can do to help you create a unique interactive experience that helps your business thrive in competitive markets. Below, you’ll find some of the core areas that can be created or improve upon in your digital advertising, marketing, website design, and app development.

Dashboard Design and Execution

A dashboard is basically a single screen (or series of screens), where users can interact with their specific business programs. These virtual dashboards — not unlike like the dashboard in a modern vehicle — can provide the user with a wide range of information that needs to be simplified to be easily understood. Dashboards are found in a wide range of programs including everything from point of sale systems to website interfaces, apps, and more.

A carefully crafted dashboard allow users to interact with almost any type of data and understand it through attractive and eye-catching visual displays.

What makes a good dashboard? It’s simple.

  • Intuitive Design
  • Attractive Visuals & Layout
  • Consistent Interaction Methods
  • Customizable Information Presentation

Mobile Software Design

The world is constantly changing and evolving. People’s desire to access the world through their mobile devices isn’t going away anytime soon. The ability for an interactive design agency to design and develop a wide range of mobile apps, interfaces, and websites is essential so that your customers can get the information they want and need, now.

Smartphone Technology

Designing systems that are going to be used exclusively or primarily on a phone or a tablet is quite different from developing systems that will be used on a full size computer screen. The limited size of the screens and the value of on-screen “real estate” must be carefully considered throughout the design process. Some crucial elements to consider when designing for mobile include:

  • Simplified Tools
  • Easily Identifiable Fields
  • Simple, Easily Recognizable Icons
  • Ease of Use Across Different Screen Sizes & Ratios

iOS Software and App Development

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, is a powerful and unique digital environment that can be leveraged to expose your business, products, and services to over 200 million iOS users all over the world. iOS software development must be carefully mapped out during mobile app design so that you can offer the same great experience across the entire mobile landscape.

Responsive Design

With more and more internet traffic starting or funneling through mobile devices, responsive design has become increasingly important. That’s why any modern digital design must be responsive in order to be successful. Simply put, a responsive design allows users to have the best experience possible regardless of how they access your app, website, or program. Your users need to be able to intuitively interact with your digital platform on their phones, tablets, and computers without a huge difference in function or aesthetic. Good responsive design provides users with a consistent and meaningful experience across all their devices.

UI (User Interface)

Your UI (user interface) is simply how your users interact with your digital platform. When your customers interact with your digital platform, it reflects on your company as a whole. It’s an unfortunate truth that when users find your app, website, or programs confusing or difficult to use, it often has a negative impact on what they think of your company. Clunky, unattractive digital environments can quickly become frustrating for users and that frustration is all too easily directed at the company it belongs to.

UX (User Experience)

UX (user experience) is an amalgamation of every aspect of your program, app, or website that your user interacts with. This includes everything from the way it looks to how easy it is to use.

UX should leverage a user’s emotions. It should establish a digital “tone” that leaves a lasting, positive impression. It should tap into an individual’s needs and fulfill them without being dull or robotic. Every single facet of your digital offering will affect your UX. That’s why it’s so important to maintain consistent branding and ease of use across your entire digital presence.

Digital Connections

Users want a clean, simple design that is easy to use and intuitive to learn. They don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy figuring out your system, they want to start using it right away and be able to get all the information or utility out of it that they need without having to use expansive tutorials. A professional UX design agency can help you develop a powerful, dynamic UX that gives your users exactly what they’re looking for.

Website Design and Development

Often, your website will be the first digital interaction a person has with your company. They say that you only get one chance at a first impression, and that’s doubly true in the digital marketplace. You need to make sure that your website provides a reasonably simple, highly informative experience for visitors that carefully directs them toward becoming customers or clients. A highly engaging and interactive design for your website can help first time and returning visitors spend more time on your site, which gives you more opportunities to:

  • Increase Lead Capture,
  • Improve Conversion Rates, and
  • Provide a Satisfying Digital Experience

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