Don’t Get Ripped Off In the Vending Business

Vending is a great little home based business, but don't expect it to be different from any other type of small business. In order to be successful in the long term, it takes a lot of time and energy. Really the only thing that separates vending from other types of small businesses is the fact that a vending route can be started with very little money, but there really are no short cuts to long term success. You'll read a lot of stuff online about how great vending is and how easy vending is and all sort of info along that lines. The problem with most of the people and businesses promoting all these alleged virtues of vending is that most of them are trying to sell you something; this is especially true in the case of vending business opportunities (biz ops).

Biz ops are all about marketing, they make vending routes sound so attractive that you’d have to be a fool to not want to jump right in, or at least this is the way they hope you’ll feel. One of the staples of the vending biz op is the crazy overinflated claims they make about potential earnings. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. They also make it sound as easy as pie, like all you have to do is basically sit around and simply watch the money roll right in.

The real tragedy about all this is that vending really is a great and potentially profitable home based business, but once people get involved in these biz ops, they become quickly disillusioned. Not only do they start to think that all of vending is a scam, but now they’re also out several thousand dollars making it even harder to get ahead.

So, don’t be a victim. Learn to recognize the signs of a biz op – overinflated claims, promotional material that may sound too good to be true and above market prices for their equipment or services.