Essential Off-Road Vehicle Accessories

Off-Road Vehicle Accessories

A lot of avid off-roaders understand the importance of protective equipment and accessories for their vehicles. Whether it’s protective body armor, durable wheels and tires, or powerful lights, there are certain products that an off-roader just can’t do without. If you’re new to off-roading and want to be prepared for what’s to come, consider the following products and equipment.

Bed Liners

While blazing the trail, you will probably be hauling around a lot of equipment. Sure, this equipment may be tied down, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to move and jump around considerably as you aggressively speed over some rough terrain. For this reason, many off-roaders choose from a variety of bedliners to protect their vehicle beds from normal wear-and-tear. Here are some common options:

Bed Mat

Usually costing around $100, these are relatively tough bed mats that can be laid out in your vehicle truck bed. Bed mats are usually made from rubber. In fact, many of them are comprised of recycled tires. They will protect your truck bed from damage from moving equipment and material. However, they also come with a certain amount of draw-backs; bed mats really have no way of protecting your vehicle from water damage or spilled chemicals. There also isn’t an ideal way of fastening them to your vehicle bed. They can help in a pinch, but there are superior products to choose from.


Definitely a step up from bed mats, BedRugs are, like the name implies, rug-like products that can be installed into your truck bed. Many off-roaders enjoy BedRugs because they like the aesthetic appeal. They also provide plenty of protection for your vehicle bed. That said, like bed mats, they aren’t ideal for protecting your vehicle from water or chemicals. They aren’t “water tight”, and many off-roaders are disappointed to find damage to their truck beds even with the application of a high-quality BedRug.

A good BedRug can cost anywhere from $165 to $500. 

Drop-in Liner

These are heavy-duty products that can be fastened to your vehicle bed. They will protect it from the normal wear-and-tear of moving equipment while you’re out on the trail, even if it’s not tied down. Most drop-in liners are created to fit perfectly with your vehicle’s specific bed shape, layout, and dimensions. Drop-in liners are installed into your vehicle bed as a permanent feature. They can provide you with not only protection, but a nice rugged look that many off-roaders enjoy. 

However, like the aforementioned bed liner options, they aren’t reliable when it comes to protecting your vehicle from chemical or water damage. If that isn’t something you need to worry about, then drop-in liners, as well as the options listed above, will probably do the trick. If you need something a bit more comprehensive when it comes to vehicle protection, this next product is highly recommended.


Off-Road Vehicle Accessories

This is a spray-on bed liner that will provide you with all of the protection you need, from moving cargo and equipment, water and chemicals, and strong UV rays. The great thing about Line-X is that it can come in a wide variety of colors, so you’re guaranteed to find the right look and feel for your vehicle. It also has a tough, rugged look, and its looks don’t betray its ability to protect your vehicle from all of the damage that comes with any off-road adventure.

Line-X also comes with a lifetime warranty because the makers of Line-X are so confident that you can get a lifetime of vehicle protection with it – you shouldn’t have to worry about broken seals or having your Line-X protective spray wear out.

Line-X can also be used as a full body armor protection for your vehicle, or for specific areas of your vehicle. It can also be used as a protective coating for marine vehicles, work vehicles, or industrial equipment of all kinds.

Off-Road Lighting

Off-Road Vehicle Accessories

If you’re an avid off-roader, you know just how important a good lighting system is while you’re blazing the off-road trail out in the dark. If you are new to off-roading, you’ll probably be surprised by just how dark it can get out there. We’re used to a lot of atmospheric city lights, and when that’s cut off out there in the outdoors, the darkness can be all-consuming. For this reason, before you go out on your next off-road adventure, be sure to have a good lighting system for your vehicle.

Here are some off-road lights to consider:

  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge) – Also called “Xenon lights”, HID lights will give you the maximum amount of light, allowing you to see plenty of detail in your surrounding terrain. These are often used as spot lights or flood lights.
  • LED (Light-Emitting Diode) – One of the best off-roading lights on the market, LED lights provide you with all of the power of HID lights without all the glare.
  • Halogen – These lights have been around for over 50 years and many people rely on them. They provide light for your vehicle, however, they aren’t the best lights out there. You certainly don’t want to use them as spotlights or flood lights. They are far less powerful than HID or LED. That said, they are affordable and will fit in virtually any vehicle. When it comes right down to it, they’ll give you enough light to see where you’re going, but don’t expect much more than that.

Wheels & Tires for Off-roading

Off-Road Vehicle Accessories

Your off-road vehicle requires some heavy-duty wheels and tires to propel it over that harsh terrain. For this job, you need wheels and tires comprised of durable material, and ideally these should measure out to about 35 to 37 inches in diameter. There are a number of materials to choose from. Consider the following:

  • Steel – This is a common material that people choose for their off-road vehicles wheels. After all, steel is a very strong and durable material that can withstand the rough off-road terrain. Furthermore, it’s also affordable and can be repaired easily.
  • Cast Alloy – Cast alloy is often used by off-roaders because it is light and thus allows for more speed and agility. It is less strong than steel, but the added speed is something that many consider more important.
  • Forged Alloy – This is probably the most ideal material for your wheels if you’re going off-roading. Forged alloy not only provides you with the same speed and agility as cast alloy, but it’s also just as strong as steel.  

If you’re about to go off-roading, consider the above products and materials to help keep you safe and make your off-roading adventure something to remember.