Everything You Need for Traffic Control

If you’re planning any kind of event that requires traffic control, be it a wedding, concert, family get together, and especially a roadside construction project, you need to know you’re working with the products that are going to guarantee traffic control in all regards. You want products that you can rely on, that are in full compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Capitol Barricade provides these products, as well as a variety of traffic control services, ensuring the safety of workers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

Traffic Control Signs

ADA Signs

Many areas require ADA signs. In other words, signs that are in full compliance with the regulations of the ADA – Americans With Disabilities Act. These are signs made to be as visible as possible both day and night. They can also be read through touch as well.

Capitol Barricade provides:

  • Restroom Signs
  • Fine Signs
  • Handicap Parking Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Informational Signs
  • Window Inserts
  • Custom ADA Signs

Warning Signs

If you need signs to indicate upcoming traffic changes, obstacles, hazards, detours, or anything else, Capitol Barricade provides them. They offer:

  • Signs that indicating various traffic conditions
  • Road Width Signs
  • Weather Signs
  • Surface Conditions Signs
  • Intersection Signs
  • Traffic Control Notice Signs

Regulatory Signs

If a road has specific requirements or regulations applied to it, you may need one or many signs that are designed to alert drivers. These signs need to be made in conformity with ADA regulations and DOT regulations, and will ensure drivers remain alert and informed. Capital Traffic Services offers:

  • Truck Route Signs
  • Truck Speed Limit Signs
  • Weight Limit Signs
  • Road Feature Signs
  • Divided Highway Signs
  • One Way Signs
  • Slow Traffic Signs
  • Passing Signs
  • Lane Control Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Yielding Signs
  • Parking Signs

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

We all hate sitting in traffic during roadside construction, or being redirected from our route because of one. However, it’s a necessary sacrifice we all must make at some point, so that our infrastructure can be maintained and improved when necessary.

Capitol Barricade offers temporary traffic control signs for all circumstances.


If you require a small, large, or medium sized banner for a concert, wedding, family get together, or some other kind of event, they provide them.

Custom Signs and Banners

At their shop, Capitol Barricade has plenty of signs on reserve and can get them out to you as quickly as possible. However, if you have a custom design you have in mind, they can create it in no time using their custom CNC router. Simply call and tell them what you want, or send them in image via email, and they will get right to work on it. They can provide virtually anything you have in mind, including signs and banners with custom symbols and messages, no matter how unique or outlandish.

Traffic Control Stencils

Looking for traffic control stencils for your street or parking lot? Capitol Barricade provides everything you need. They offer:

  • Polymer Plastic Stencils – These are high quality ⅛ inch LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic stencils.
  • Thermalized Aluminum Stencils – These are thermalized flat stock stencils that lay evenly for consistent application. These also have rolled edges, helping contain any paint overspray, making your stencils look clean and professional.

Capitol Barricade offers:

  • ADA Stencils – These are all made in full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. They are federal compliant and will accommodate those who are disabled.
  • Aluminum Stencils – These are easy to apply and clean up, and resist scratches and cracks.
  • Parking Lot Stencils – They offer parking lot stencils for schools, shipping warehouses, restaurants, government buildings, and virtually any other parking lot you can imagine.
  • Road Stencils – They provide road stencils for street and country roads as well as highways.
  • Traffic Control Stencils – These will ensure driver and pedestrian safety.

Traffic Control Equipment

Construction and Traffic Safety Cones

These will control the flow of traffic and keep workers and drivers safe. These are often required to keep roadside construction projects safe and efficient.


They offer delineators with 12 pound bases. They come in:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Orange

Barrier Tape

This is one of the most affordable and convenient methods of controlling traffic. It will keep drivers and pedestrians from entering areas they shouldn’t. Barrier tape can be applied in:

  • Work Zones
  • Dangerous Areas
  • Closed Areas
  • Forbidden Areas
  • Any area where vehicles are forbidden

Barrier tape is one of the best products for short-term use.

Temporary Traffic Lights

These are fantastic for short-term use. Many people require them for:

  • One-lane work zones
  • Bridge repair
  • Emergency back-ups in the event that a permanent light is damaged or being repaired

Transverse Rumble Strips

These can be laid down easily, and will alert drivers if they are veering off of the road or into forbidden areas. These create vibrations in the car that alert drivers both audibly and physically.

Portable Arrow and Message Boards

Great for temporary placement, these are mobile traffic control products that are easy to set up, transport, and put away. Capitol Traffic Services offers full and mini size, Caltrans-approved, 3-line, and solar powered changeable message boards. These are great for directing the flow of traffic away from dangerous road conditions, roadside construction projects, and more.

They offer:

  • Vehicle Mount Arrow Boards
  • Trailer Arrow Boards with 25 lights
  • Speed Trailers
  • Temporary Signals

Construction Barricades

The barricades that Capitol Barricade provides are ideal for:

  • Delineating construction area
  • Delineating forbidden areas
  • Directing traffic flow away from hazards
  • Providing work zone and constructions safety by absorbing and redirecting the impact of vehicles

The barricades they provide are a fantastic alternative to concrete barricades, as they are easy to transport, set up, and put away after their use, while also being durable and tough enough to withstand impact from vehicles.

  • SLED Crash Cushions – SLED stands for Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipator. These barricades are narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushions.
  • CrashGard Sand Barrel Systems – These are ideal for protecting against any minor impact. They can be easily transported and stored, and their material makes them resistant to UV light, which keeps their color from fading.
  • Type I, II, and III Barricades – These are great for virtually any traffic control need.
  • Pedestrian Barricades – Made of galvanized steel, these barricades are heavy duty and great for any work zone or construction project.
  • SafetyRail ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricades and SafetyWall
  • ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricades – These barricades meet all MUTCD 2009 standards and ADA guidelines.
  • TrafFix Water-Wall – These barricades are highly durable. They are water-filled and function as the ideal temporary crash barriers for construction projects of all kinds.