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First Fidelity Reserve: Scams – How To Avoid Becoming A Victim When Purchasing Bullion

Since mankind discovered and placed a value on precious metals, there have been people and businesses who have sought to scam others out of their gold and silver. First Fidelity Reserve’s Mike Fuljenz wants you to be aware of how you can avoid scams and what to do if you’ve fallen victim to gold and silver scammers.

Mike Fuljenz is known as America’s Gold Expert. And for good reason. Mr. Fuljenz has written extensive and numerous articles, books, and other publications detailing almost everything there is to know about the precious metals industry. He has also written about how to avoid scams and scammers. In a recent post for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens), Mr. Fuljenz has detailed for gold and silver collectors what to do if they suspect that they have become a scam victim.

Gold Scam Victims: Where To Turn To For Help

In his article at AMAC, Mr. Fuljenz has explained what victims of gold and silver scams can do to get help and possibly recover lost money. These include:

  1. Always make copies of all physical correspondence and advertisements. This is important should you pursue a lawsuit.
  2. Always work directly with the company to resolve problems. Talk with managers and supervisors.
  3. Take meticulous notes of all verbal conversations.
  4. Turn to the company customer service department or advertising department if you think you need to escalate the situation.
  5. Consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Contact the Numismatic Crime Information Center at (817) 723-7231 to file a complaint.
  7. Finally, if the scam was severe enough, get local law enforcement or the federal bureau of investigation involved.

To learn more about how to avoid precious metal scams, read Mike Fuljenz’s full article, HERE.

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