Five Accessories That Will Help You to Avoid Car Troubles

There are some car accessories that the modern driver should never be without.  Here’s a short list of just five car accessories and gadgets that might help you should you ever break down or need any assistance.  Whilst not all compulsory, it is recommended that drivers invest in these items as they could be a potential life-saver at some point in time.

GPS Navigation System

You will know of TomTom or Garmin as they make the best GPS devices, but some cars actually come with a factory-installed GPS, for example Honda and Acura vehicles.  If you own a Honda then you should look into the cheapest deals on the Honda Navigation System Update and the options available to you.  Whatever GPS you have, it will save you on time and money and will route you the best and most efficient direction.

Digital Tyre Inflator / Compressor

Should you get stuck with a flat tyre then a digital compressor could help.  They let you not only inflate car tyres, but are also good for beach balls and air beds so don’t think of this one as purely related to automotive problems.  If you don’t know what pressure your tyres should be inflated to then make sure you read your manufacturer’s manual or look online before you drive long distances.

Lock De-Icer Gadget

When it’s icy and freezing sometimes you car door’s lock will become frozen.  Don’t waste time boiling a kettle – instead buy one of these lock de-icer gadgets on Amazon – they come with an LED so you can see what you are doing and can fit on a keyring.  Within seconds you can reduce the ice to water and get into your car once again as they warm up extremely quickly.

Red Warning Triangles

Some European countries have this as a legal requirement.  Should you break down then you can place the fluorescent triangle at the back of your car to notify any oncoming drivers of a potential hazard and could actually save your life.  They are highly reflective and very cheap to purchase online.

Winter Car Drape / Cover

You might already have bought the lock de-icer, but with a winter car cover you might not need one.  You can cover your car at night so when you go to drive in the morning there’s no ice on the windscreens and the car should hopefully start first time with no problems and save you energy having to de-ice the windows.

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