Honey Chicken Meal With Honey Bottle

Flavored Honey Helps Make Delicious Dinners Easy

You want to make great-tasting meals that are super easy? Who doesn’t? The way to make that happen is by using simple and convenient foods in new ways. And if you think that means heating up a frozen dinner or some leftovers — not so fast my friend.

How does a meal of tangy roast beef pockets, honey-glazed carrots, and brownie sundaes with honey berry sauce sound? This is a real meal that you can make in just 30 minutes or so. One reason why it is so quick is that there are just a few ingredients needed. So as you make your dinner plans, remember that with a quick squeeze of honey, you can add a ton of flavor and fun to your meal. And chances are that it will become a family favorite.

Honey — Nature’s Treat

Everybody knows about the natural sweetness of honey and that it is perfect for just about any dessert. But did you know that it can turn a good savory dish into a great savory dish? This includes everything from appetizers and entrées to smoothies and snacks. And with a large variety of flavored honey available online from a honey company like Browning’s Honey, your options are just about endless. Choose from blueberry, huckleberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and many more flavors of honey.

You can whisk some honey into a simple vinaigrette for a tasty twist on your salad dressing or put some into your mustard and turn your ordinary sandwich into something extraordinary. Honey lends rich flavor and body, not just sweetness, to a wide variety of dishes. Plus, honey is naturally fat-free so it is a healthy way to make your food that much better. Start with a little honey at first and then you can make adjustments according to your preferred taste. You might find that you are surprised at how many meals and dishes some flavored honey can transform.

Different Flowers = Different Honeys

Did you know there are about 300 different varieties of honey in the United States? This is because varieties of honey are regional — meaning that it depends on the floral blossoms that bees use to collect the nectar from.

Here are a few examples of how this works. In the south, orange blossom and tupelo are common types of honey. Avocado and eucalyptus are varieties that you’ll find in the west. If you want to try some buckwheat or blueberry honey, the northeast is a good place to find it. Mesquite, alfalfa, and clover honey are some that are found in the midwest. Clover honey is typically the most widely available of all honey varieties. Try some different flavors of honey and see what a difference it can make in your recipes.

Easy Ideas To Get You Started

One of the great things about honey is that it is quick and easy and works when you are on the go. And let’s be honest, you’re on the go a lot. Here are a few suggestions for honey use to get you going.

  • Sweet breakfast topping — Mix honey, dried fruit bits, and cream cheese together. Keep it on hand to top bagels and toast.
  • Mid-morning energizer — Mix honey, yogurt, and applesauce together. Add orange juice and stir for a power shake without the blender.
  • After-school snack — Mix honey with peanut butter. It’s handy for a quick sandwich filling or celery topper.
  • Anytime dip — Mix equal parts honey and Dijon-style mustard for homemade honey mustard. It’s perfect for cut-up veggies, pretzels, grilled sausages, or rolled-up turkey slices.
  • No-fuss dessert — What could be sweeter than honey drizzled over fruit, ice cream, or angel food cake? The golden kiss of honey makes whatever you have on hand special.

More Honey Tips

Chances are that once you begin trying all sorts of flavored honey, you’re going to be ordering it online frequently. So there are a few things you may want to know to make sure your honey is stored and used properly. To do so, follow these suggestions:

  • Store honey at room temperature and not in the refrigerator.
  • If your honey gets cloudy or crystallizes (this is natural and not something to worry about) there is an easy fix. Just put your honey jar in some warm water and stir it until the crystals dissolve. One additional option is to put the honey in a microwave-safe container with the lid off and heat it on high in 30-second increments until the crystals are dissolved. Just be careful and don’t boil or scorch the honey.