Garage Plans

When I first started thinking about the topic of garage plans I was afraid that I couldn’t find enough material to make it worthwhile for my readers. A garage is only four walls with a few garage doors, right? No, not by a long shot. Garages are more complicated than carports, but they offer so many more features. From attached to detached, dormers, gables, living space, the list and go on and on.

The most simple of all garage plans is a one car garage. Four sides, one man door, and a garage door it about it. Then there is a two car garage. It is very similar but only for two autos instead of one. But after this the mundane is done away with!

One cute little garage is a two car design with cape cod dormers. The roof line is steeper. The garage uses attic trusses, and a permanent stair case is built on the inside. This is considered a cape cod style or a loft garage, since the upper square footage is less than the main foot print of the structure.

Another style is a garage apartment. Ever wished that you had a place to park company away from the house? I know I have! Visitors are wonderful, but it is so nice to have a separate place for them to relax, and also an option for the lady of the house (or the man) to see the company retreat to in the evenings. A garage apartment solves this problem. With a permanent staircase, a second level that is sealed off from the first, an apartment works well. In one garage plans design the structure was 40’x50′. The upper level had a great room, kitchen, bedroom, den, and full bath upstairs. A spacious gable on each side made the living space possible.

When contemplating building garage plans remember a nice garage will improve the overall value of your home more than a carport would. Planning for more room than less is wise. Having a place for cars plus whatever else finds its way to the garage keeps the vehicles from ending up parked outside. Finish costs of a garage are substantially less than for finishing the living space of a home. The option of adding an attached garage onto the home saves construction of one wall of the garage. And going with larger doors provides parking for small and large vehicles alike.