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Get Buyers on Board with Hurricane Insurance In Florida


Florida hurricane insurance is an imperative component of purchasing real estate in Naples. Whether it’s the ideal vacation home, or simply an investment option, buyers are eager to have a foothold in this attractive and lucrative market.

However, navigating the real estate landscape can be difficult without specialized knowledge or experience in the field. Many people are not aware of the vast property options available to buyers in each of Naples micro markets and the nuances of real contracts and negotiations, which is which is where we come in. As accredited Buyer’s Representatives, Naples Meridian Group assists clients in selecting, negotiating and purchasing the optimal property that meets all the criteria. Most recently, we were delighted to assist an East Coast couple whose goal was simply to get established in the area as quickly as possible.

The most salient factor in this situation was their limited timeline. These buyers wanted to purchase a property within close proximity to the beach that was deemed a good investment. They did not need the dream vacation home with a backyard pool and extra guest rooms. The dream was to obtain an investment property that would allow them feel established and encourage them to visit Naples more often, with a long term view of buying a larger home in later years.

We identified, negotiated and accomplished this goal in a mere three months. Slim inventory of available properties and a narrow geographic area allowed for a swift house hunting sessions which yielded only a few realistic alternatives. In the end they were very pleased with their selection and felt satisfied that the property they purchased best aligned with their goals.

During the buying process they expressed concern regarding the recent hurricane that had come through Naples, and were curious about Florida hurricane insurance. They wanted to understand the process of obtaining hurricane insurance as well as the limitations.  This is a factor of particular importance for all involved with real estate in Naples which is rarely considered by buyers in other parts of the country. Understanding and obtaining Florida hurricane insurance is a critical step in protecting your investment.

Get Buyers on Board with Hurricane Insurance In Florida


The first thing to take into account is that homeowners should not wait until the last minute to obtain insurance, as many insurers will not issue policies when a hurricane is imminent. Hurricane season lasts from June to November, with the highest likelihood of violent storms taking place from August to October. The highest risk for hurricane-induced damage are the East Coast and Gulf Coast, although wind and rain damage also occur relatively far inland.

Some factors that affect the cost of hurricane insurance in Florida:


  • Precise location of your property
  • The monetary worth of your property
  • The deductible you are able to pay


Most hurricane deductibles are 2% of the dwelling amount.  For example if a home is insured for $400,000, your 2% deductible equates to $8,000.   

Generally speaking, Florida hurricane insurance will cover structures damaged as a result of strong wind and heavy, wind-driven rain. If the roof of a home is damaged due to hurricane winds and as a result damage to the interior occurs, insurance carriers are typically said to cover repair or replacement costs to the roof and interior elements. Condominium owners pay association costs that cover insurance to the building. Yet in the event of a hurricane, additional damage to the building and landscaping will require the homeowners association to pay these expenses from reserve funds. Owners could be required to pay for supplemental damage to the property through special assessments.

Florida hurricane insurance does not include flood insurance and a specific flood policy is needed to cover damage to a property due to rising water or storm surges.  Auxiliary items such as downed trees, landscape damage, boat docks, boat lifts and personal evacuation expenses are items that traditional hurricane insurance does not cover.

Florida hurricane insurance along with flood and personal insurance need to be secured early on in the process.  Find an insurance professional you trust and once policies are obtained ensure that complete copes of each policy contract are reviewed. In the event of a loss, document all issues and communicate with your insurance professionals to understand the next step in the process.

Naples Meridian Group is associated with insurance professionals that meet and exceed our client’s expectations and act as an extension of the service that we provide as trusted Naples real estate advisors.

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