Get Help Trying To Sell Your used RVs for sale by owner

Used RVs For Sale By Owner

If you’re trying to sell your used RV, you may need some help.  Most people who try and sell their RV are not able to do it on their first try.  If they want to be a success, they need to learn the basics on how to sell used RVs for sale by owner.  For starters, if you can increase the number of potential buyers, you will probably be able to sell faster.  One way to make this happen is to make sure to advertise it in a lot of different locations.  For instance, you can advertise in newspaper classifieds, and you can also advertise online.  There are actually probably as many free places to advertise as there are paid places to advertise.

The next thing that you should do, is try and narrow down your pool of potential buyers.  Talk to them and see which ones are interested in coming up to look and which ones aren’t.  When you have an appointment, make sure to be there on time and to prepare a printout of the value of the RV with all of the upgrades and add-ons.  Then, prepare a statement with a reduction in price for the total amount that you’re asking compared to the value.  Make the buyer feel a small sense of urgency that they should buy now if they’re interested before you sell it to someone else.

The last thing you can do is to call the seller an hour or two before their appointment, and remind them about it.  This will probably increase the chances of them showing up, and if they have to cancel for some reason, you will know right then, rather than wasting a good part of your day trying to  wait for them to come.  There are typically 20 to 25% cancellation anyway, so it is good practice and it also serves people as a reminder so that they will remember to come out and look at your RV. All of these suggestions will help you to be able to get more for your RV or used motorhome for sale by owner and be able to sell it faster.

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