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Get Your Bike Repair Done Now and Get Cruisin’ Today

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a flat tire while out cruising. Don’t let a simple repair get in your way of enjoying the cycling season. Let Bicycles Unlimited take care of you and all your bike repair needs in St. George Utah. 

What Bike Repair Services Are Offered?

Whether you have a simple fix such as a flat tire or something more complex, Bicycles Unlimited has you covered in the world of bike repairs. You can bring your bicycle into the bike shop at any time for your needed repair or you can take advantage of the bike repair service packages offered. All services come with a 30-day warranty of service.

Basic Tune-Up

This bike repair service package checks your bike for safe operation and includes the following adjustments:

  • Shifting System
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Cables and Housings
  • Wheels
  • Bearings, Bolts, and Fasteners
  • Gears Adjustment
  • Derailleur Adjustments
bicycle service with tools

Major Tune-Up

The major tune-up bike repair service package includes everything that the basic tune-up does and more including:

  • Chain, Cassette, and Crankset
  • UV Protection Polish
  • Cables and Housings
  • New Tires and Tubes
  • Brake and Shift Cables

Labor discount is offered for other major repairs when done with the major tune-up, such as cleaning and re-packing bearing assemblies, brake bleeding, and suspension service.

A basic tune-up should be completed every two to three months depending on your riding frequency whereas a major tune-up should be done at least once a year, usually at the beginning of the new riding season after your bicycle has been sitting dormant over the off-season.

Behind the Scenes at Your Local Bike Shop in St. George

Bicycles Unlimited has been Southern Utah’s bicycle leader since 1984. You can trust them with a full staff of highly educated and passionate technicians. Just to point out a few…

Mark Mclaughlin - Bicycles Unlimited owner

The owner of Bicycles Unlimited, Mark, has been passionate about bicycles since he was a young boy. He would spend hours a day upgrading his bicycles and cruising around. His longest ride was from St. George, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah and back. That’s almost 500 miles! You know your bicycle is in loving and safe hands with Mark.

Jay Bartlett - Bicycles Unlimited bike repair technician

One of Bicycles Unlimited top technicians is Jay, who has worked for them for nearly a decade. If you are looking for a new trail to cruise, Jay is the one to ask with more than 20 years of cycling experience. His trail recommendations are published frequently in the St. George Health & Wellness Magazine. 

Nathan Talbott - Bicycles Unlimited bike repair technician

Another noted technician is Nathan, who is Bicycles Unlimited shop manager. He enjoys the one-on-one experience with customers helping them find their perfect fit and completing your needed bike repair to get you back on the road in no time. You won’t need to take advantage of the bike shop 30-day warranty when Nathan is working on your bike repairs.

Let any one of the experienced and passionate techs at Bicycles Unlimited help answer the questions you may have.