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Getting Braces? Ask Your Orthodontist These 5 Questions First

Are you considering getting braces? Have you been dreaming of a straight smile for a while now? If you are ready to smile with confidence, then it’s time to consider getting braces. However, before you drive to the closest orthodontist in Idaho Falls, there are five questions that you should ask your potential orthodontist before beginning.

Continue reading to learn more about which questions you need to ask before being fitted for braces in Idaho Falls. Additionally, if you are ready to schedule a consultation for braces, contact Randall Orthodontics in Idaho Falls today. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process of getting braces.

Are You An Orthodontist?

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While this may seem like a silly question at first, it’s one worth asking. Knowing whether or not the person fitting you for braces is an orthodontist could change the outcome of your smile. While both dentists and orthodontists will both go to dental school, orthodontists must attend a two to three-year residency after they have successfully completed dental school. During their residency, an orthodontist will learn how to safely correct bits (malocclusions) straighten teeth and gain a comprehensive understanding of how teeth grow and develop from infancy through adulthood. So if you are planning on investing your time and money to straighten your smile, make sure that the person doing it is an experienced orthodontist in Idaho Falls. 

What Can Braces Fix? 

This question will lead to another critical question that will be answered after your consultation, and that is, “what type of braces are best for you?”

Orthodontic devices such as braces, Damon braces, and invisible aligners can fix virtually any type of bite or tooth issue. Dental braces offer corrective treatment for the following:

  • Overcrowded or crooked teeth
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Upper front teeth that overlap the lower teeth too much — either vertically (overbite) or horizontally (overjet)
  • Upper front teeth that bite behind the lower ones (underbite)
  • Other jaw misalignment problems that cause an uneven bite

Depending on which of the above issues you are dealing with, it will determine what type of braces are best suited for you. For people looking for the fastest treatment, but require the durability of traditional braces may want to try Damon braces in Idaho Falls. For people with just a few crooked teeth or gaps, invisible aligners may be a more suitable option. 

How Much Will Braces Cost?

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Once you’ve discovered an orthodontist that can get you fitted for braces, you’ll want to know how much braces will cost–because if you can’t afford them, you may want to wait until you can*. First things first, if you have insurance, find out what your premium covers in terms of braces and what it doesn’t cover. Conversely, if you don’t have dental insurance, find out if the Idaho Falls orthodontics office offers any type of discount for people without dental insurance. Then you’ll want to see if the orthodontics office takes payment plans and if there is an orthodontic treatment option within your budget. 

*It should be noted that braces are a lot more inexpensive than many of us have been led to believe and many dental insurances will cover (at least some) traditional braces. Prices can range anywhere from $3,000 – $10,000, with most braces costing within the $3,000-$5,000 range. 

How Long Will Treatment Take?

This question is a very individualized question, which means the answer can vary significantly due to a number of circumstances. Circumstances that can affect treatment time include, but are not limited to:

  • The type of braces
  • How well you take care of your braces
  • The severity of your teeth and or bite 
  • Potential accidents that could break a tooth, bracket or wire
  • How often you see your orthodontist and whether you keep the appointments

Regardless of what needs to be corrected to create the smile of your dreams, most people can expect orthodontic treatment to last anywhere from 12 to 30 months. Twelve months being more simple cases and 30 months for more extreme cases. To pin down the right time for you, it’s critical that you discuss this with your Idaho Falls orthodontist. Getting braces is a commitment, so you’ll need to make sure that you can dedicate yourself to extra dental care required to correct your smile. 

What Should I Expect Once The Braces Are Off?

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Setting expectations at the beginning of your orthodontic is key to making sure that you are happy with the end result. This includes understanding that once your braces are off, it isn’t the end of your orthodontic journey. After your braces are removed, your orthodontist will have you fitted with a removable and possibly permanent retainer to make sure that your teeth don’t shift back into position. Additionally, you will probably need to keep regular appointments with your Idaho Falls orthodontist for upkeep and any concerns that may occur down the road. In many cases, however, you can expect to leave the orthodontist office with a smile you’ll love showing off the day your braces are removed.
To set up a consultation to see if our orthodontics practice in Idaho Falls is the right fit for you, contact Randall Orthodontics today. We can’t wait to help you smile with confidence.