Getting Ripped. Where To Start?

So you decided you wanted to get ripped for the next summer. You are tired of being ashamed to get your T-shirt off on the beach. Well it’s the perfect time to start. Right now! You have 5 months starting today to get the body you want. And five months is enough if you are ready to commit your best effort. How to lose weight fast and easy? You have two choices: home workout or going to the gym.

Home workout

More expensive initially, as you will need to buy some fitness equipment and a workout program. But in the long run, even on this 5 month period, it’s much cheaper than the alternative: going to they gym. There are advantages and disadvantages to this choice. Lets start with the advantages. First of all you will save money and time. A lot of time. Driving to the gym and back, and the time you will spend talking and making friends at the gym. Ok, maybe you don’t consider that time lost, but if you have a time-constraint you need to take that into account, and don’t skip on workouts because it will probably take you 4 hours. So it all depends on you, for me, time is more important right now than making friends. For you it may be different.

You also need to chose a good workout program. Don’t go and buy the most extreme one you can find, the one that promises you the best results. Chose something that fits your fitness level, you want to be able to actually finish the program. You need to pace yourself and reach the finish line, not push the first 2 weeks like a maniac and than quit. I recommend buy a total body workout program that includes weights (dumbbells exercises) and do that for 3 months and then get a cardio-intensive program for the next 2 months. Many people want to lose belly fat, because that’s where most of the fat is stored on their bodies. Don’t make the mistake and buy an ABS-only workout. You can’t chose where to lose weight from. You need to work your whole body, and in time you will get the abs you want.

Going to the Gym

The lazy version. You don’t need to buy equipment or chose a workout program. You just need to show up. All the equipment and know-how is already there. So that is a big advantage. But it’s more expensive and more time-intensive. Some people told me they prefer going to the gym because they feel like they can push themselves more if they are working out with someone. At home alone they will get lazy. For some people this may be true, so you need to take that into account also.