Golf Carts and Parts & Accessories

If you are running a golf business then your golf course will not be complete without a collection of golf carts. The typical golf course will have nine to thirty six holes but no matter how large or small – unless its putt putt! – you still need a mode of transportation to get players from one area to the other.  A golf cart vehicle is very distinctive due to its small vehicle design, and one of the uses for golf carts has always been to transport one or two person from one point on the course to the other

A golf cart is also known as a golf buggy. A utility vehicle that’s intended to be used in a golf course setting. Special wheels made for driving on grass and causing minimal wear on the grass, along with a generally quiet operation noise make them ideal for the golf course. They are a great aid because they allow elderly, injured, handicapped, or otherwise tired players to navigate the course when they are no longer capable of walking miles in a day, allowing them to still enjoy the sport regardless of their physical condition.

The ergonomic design of golf carts are specifically made for the golf course only, which makes this vehicle design exclusive and private for the purpose of playing golf. Most of them are electrically powered because they emit less pollution and are less noisy, although there are some golf cart variants that are now powered with gasoline.

You can customize your golf cart into a true utility vehicle that’s highly inconvenient and complementary to your needs. Most of the golf carts available these days are now integrated with extra accessories such as alarms, battery chargers, beverage trays, custom bumpers, coolers, golf club protectors, neon lights, weather enclosures, storage trays, seat belts, seat covers, radio and tape players and many more.

As for the usual parts for repair and maintenance, you can always find available stocks for tires and wheels, brake parts, carburetors, cart care kits, dash covers, voltage regulators, tool boxes, tops and roofs, charge meters, starter generators, speed resistors, gas motors, loading ramps and a whole lot more. A real upscale golf cart may even come with its’ very own golf cart refrigerator.

For a useful utility vehicle that’s essential in providing convenience and comfort for the golf experience, much careful consideration in the selection and in customization is needed. Check out as many models as possible, and do your own comparisons.

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