High Security Paper Shredders

In today’s world, it is more important than ever for everyone in your office to be as secure as possible. The easiest way for you as a manager to make this happen is to invest in a high security paper shredder for everyone in your office. You might ask yourself at this point, what makes a high security paper shredder? The answer is simple; particle size. The average strip shredder only cuts a piece of paper into about 15-30 strips. How hard would it be to put a piece of paper like that back together? Strip shredders also do not shuffle the strips; so it makes it extremely easy for thieves to go through your office’s trash to find exactly what they need.

Securely Destroy Documents With A High Security Shredder

The average high security paper shredder cuts papers into particles that are much smaller, and the average sheet of paper will be cut into over 2-300 pieces. This has the benefit of being much harder to put back together but also being much more compact. And even better, high security shredders will shuffle the paper particles so they are even harder to put back together. More compact pieces also means that your environmental impact will be lower which will make your company greener as well!

Now you might be worrying about the cost of such a machine. But ask yourself an important question; how important is your proprietary or confidential information? If a thief gets a hold of your client’s data, how much is it worth then? A few hundred dollars for personal high security shredders can potentially save your company millions. Do not make the mistake of trying to play catch up when someone steals your information. Make it impossible for them to sift through your trash and get what they want out of you. Invest in a shredder today, and make your entire company safer.