Using the Honda Navigation DVD for GPS Map Updates

If you are the proud owner of a Honda Civic and Accord, or in fact any type of Honda vehicle then you will be interested to know that the latest GPS map update DVD has now been released to coincide with the new year of 2012 approaching.  The Honda Navigation 2012 DVD update will only be relevant to vehicle owners who opted to pay for the added extra of having an in-dash navigation system installed at the factory so if that applies to you then please read on for all the latest information on why you should purchase the 2012 update and what you will get with it.

Millions of POIs and Interesting Options

One reason to buy the new Honda GPS DVD is the fact that it has been updated with millions of new POIs.  POIs are points of interest files and include useful points on your GPS display such as ATMs, restaurants, police stations, hospitals and many other options that you might need when driving on a daily basis.  In addition to that the Honda Navigation DVD includes added extras such as tourist attractions.  So if you are planning on a holiday in the new year your Honda GPS will offer some great ideas on where to go – and of course it will then help you to get there on time and safely with no delays.

Updated Roads and Streets

The most important aspect of the updated navigation DVD is the fact that it will now include and new roads that have appeared over the last 12 months – plus will include and changes that have been made to the existing streets.   With the new update you can be assured that you have the most up to date version of US maps so no longer will you be driving down a new road or development and be wondering why it’s not included on your GPS screen.

How to Install the Latest Honda Updates

Installing is easy, and all you have to do is purchase the latest DVD online and wait for it to arrive in the post.  Once you have it simply insert the DVD into the disc tray under the GPS device and the on-screen installation instructions will take you through the process – it should take no longer than twenty minutes to complete – but if you do struggle then the Honda manufacturer offers a free phone number for customer support for people who find the update process a little bit difficult.

Don’t Have the Honda GPS in Your Car?  How About Garmin?

If you own a Honda but opted not to have the in-built GPS then we would recommend that you purchase a standalone GPS unit.  Garmin are the best on the market and a good and affordable model is from the new Nuvi 3790 series.  If you own a Garmin and want to know how to get the latest maps for it then click here for Garmin Map Updates.  That link will detail everything you need to know including the best price options available on the net.

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