Truck bed liner

How A Bed Liner Can Improve The Life & Look of Your Truck

Truck bed liners are so common these days you rarely see a truck without one. If your truck doesn’t have one you may be wondering if it should, and if so, what kind? There are several types to choose from, which one is best for your truck?

Should Your Truck Have A Bed Lining?

If you have a truck that you never use for hauling anything, you probably don’t need a truck bed liner. However, if you own a truck because you actually use it to load, transport, and unload things, then a bed liner is something to think about. Loading and unloading cargo from you truck can lead to scuff, scratches, dents and dings in the bed, walls of the bed, and tailgate. The paint can fade or corrode due to weather or transport of wet things or chemicals. Water can remain in the truck bed and rust the metal. Basically, all kinds of adverse conditions can damage and deteriorate the bed of your truck. If you plan on using and owning your truck for a long time, a truck bed liner can extend the life of your truck bed and also keep it looking nice, as well. If you don’t plan to keep the truck for a long time, a bed liner is also a good idea as it can help with the resale value of the truck by keeping the truck bed clean and in good condition. Essentially, a truck bed liner is a good idea. Now you just have to consider what kind you should get.

Types of Bed Liners Available

There are 4 basic types of truck bed linings available (in several variations) and these are:

  • Spray-In Bed Liners
  • Drop-In Bed Liners
  • Bed “Rugs”
  • Bed Mats

What bed liner you choose can depend on your budget, what you use your truck for and how much protection you think the truck bed needs.

Bed Mats are the least expensive of the basic choices. These are typically made from rubber and you simply unroll it in the truck bed and lay it flat. It offers no protection to the sides of the truck bed. It will protect the floor of the truck bed and offer a surface that will prevent cargo from slipping and sliding around in the bed of the truck during transport.

Bed “rugs” are a newer kind of truck bed lining. These are made from plastic and some have a softer polyester fiber top layer, so it has the look and feel of carpet. It is molded to fit your truck bed, and can just cover the floor, or it can be made to also protect the truck sides. It offers protection from water, scuffing, scratches and other conditions that can damage the bed of the truck.

Drop-In Bed Liners are the most common kind of bed liner.  Many trucks come from the manufacturer with a plastic bed liner already installed. These bed liners are made from a hard plastic that is formed to fit your truck bed. It literally drops in and then is bolted to the bed of the truck to keep in in place. The surface is pretty smooth and so things slide easily into the truck bed. Which also means things will slide around easily once in the truck bed, something to think about. These bed liners aren’t too expensive, and can be removed easily.

Spray-In bed Liners are permanent. They require some prep to the truck bed, and they really need to be sprayed in by a professional to be of the highest quality. However, the spray-in type of bedliner is the also considered the most rugged and long lasting of all of the bed liner types. They are resistant to rust, corrosion, weather, water damage, scratches and scrapes. They won’t warp or crack or come loose. Also, the entire surface of the truck bed is covered and protected. This kind of liner is not cheap, but it is worth the extra cost and time involved. At Red Desert Off-Road, we consider the spray-in liner to be the best liner for your truck bed. And not just any spray-in liner, we specifically recommend, deal in, and install LINE-X spray-in bed liner.

LINE-X Spray-In Truck Bed Liners

Red Desert Off-Road is committed to providing our 4×4 and other customers to the highest quality and most rugged of off road accessories for your truck. We believe that LINE-X is the best there is. We are proud to be Southern Utah’s only LINE-X Protective Coatings franchise and we believe in this product. Advantages to using LINE-X superior bed liner products are:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Prevention of leaking, rust, and corrosion
  • No cracking, warping, bubbling, or fading
  • Custom color options
  • VOC Free (environmentally friendly)

LINE-X spray-on bedliners are made from a tough polymer with a higher tensile strength than any other spray-in brand. LINE-X permanently bonds to your truck bed, with a finish that coats every curve, dip, and angle of your truck’s bed to create a watertight seal. There are no air pockets or drill holes for moisture to seep into. And because it is sprayed right to the surface, absolutely no cargo space is lost. Our coating is resistant to not only water, but most chemicals to include gasoline, diesel fuel, chlorine, bleach, and most common household solvents. It can withstand extremes in weather so no matter where you live or drive through, the LINE-X liner will look good and perform flawlessly year after year. The spray application provides a thick coating of the bedliner and dries to a nicely textured surface that absorbs impacts and allows cargo to grip to it, reducing shifting loads. LINE-X bedliner can be color customized to your truck as well. Because LINE-X spray on bedliner is so durable and attractive, it adds daily value to your truck by keeping it protected and increases your truck’s value for the resale market. Indeed, there aren’t really any cons to having a LINE-X spray-on bedliner installed. So if you are in the market for a bed liner for your truck, you know you have several options available to you. Think about what you use your truck for daily, the weather where you live, how long you are going to drive your truck, and how long you want the bedliner to last. We think you will come to the right conclusion, a spray-in bedliner from LINE-X.