How Can I Make My Bedroom Look Nice

This is a very tough question to answer. Everyone has a different taste in everything and what one person likes may not be for everyone. This is why designing the living room can be done by most people, while designing the bedroom can be done only by you.

There are a few guidelines that you can keep in mind however to help you make the decision. For example never go overboard with the furnishing in the bedroom. I know that many designer magazines and programs on tv show a bedroom chock a block with all sorts of different items, but you really don’t need all of it and you will only be reducing the effective space in your bedroom, not to mention people stubbing their toes every two steps.

Restricting yourself to a design or color scheme is another good idea. If you like pink then go with it; while if blue is your thing then use blue. Whatever color you choose just paint one wall or the ceiling that color, if not the whole room will look closed and claustrophobic which is not what you want.

Lastly go with a good bedroom chandelier. Bedroom chandeliers are slightly different from other kinds in the sense that you will not find really elaborate ones for the bedroom. You get simple, yet elegant designs that will give an understated classy look that is what is needed for your bedroom. Once again however big your room is do not go with anything bigger than a three arm one. If you feel that the light is inadequate put in two. Using one large one will only give your room a closed look because the chandelier will tend to “occupy” a lot of space.

When choosing the bedroom chandeliers just remember to go with lights that point upwards rather than downwards. This may not seem like much but when you are lying down on your back with the lights on you will know what I’m saying.

If possible close your eyes and imagine how your bedroom should look. If you feel that you are lacking a little in imagination, then go browse online looking at all the different bedroom pictures. Just make sure that you know exactly what you want before you start rather than starting off and then adding things in as they come to mind.