Water Heater Cleaner

How Does The Turbo Tank Water Heater Cleaner Work?

There’s a new tool on the block when it comes to cleaning out sediment from the bottom of your water heater. It’s called the Turbo Tank Cleaner. This tool works completely different from any other tool out there. This difference in philosophy safely produces results unlike anything that has come before. So how does it work?

The Other Guys

There are historically 2 methods of cleaning out sediment from the inside of your water heater. The first is performing a simple water heater flush. And the second is using a chemical descaler. A simple flush will remove only minimal loose sediment from the bottom of the water heater as it relies solely on the flow of water. Using a chemical descaler will dissolve some of the calcium and lime buildup on the inside of your water heater, but it doesn’t help much with sediment buildup on the bottom of the water heater. Both these methods perform marginally well at what they are intended to do, but neither has the capacity to restore an older water heater to its former functionality. For a tool that works that well you have to turn to the Turbo Tank Cleaner.


How The Turbo Tank Cleaner Removes Sediment

The Turbo Tank Cleaner water heater cleaner works completely different from the traditional methods of sediment removal. This is because the turbo tank cleaner uses physical force to effectively remove the sediment buildup from the bottom of your tank. It is made up of 3 distinct sections, each working hard to effectively clean out your tank. The first section is the snake. This section is a plumbing grade spring that inserts into the tank to stir up the sediment into the water. The second main section of the turbo tank cleaner is the housing. This section is specially designed to grind down larger bits of sediment and ensure that they flow freely without clogging. Finally, there’s the output section. This is designed to attach to any standard hose so that you can quickly and easily pipe the wastewater and sediment safely out of the house. 


The way the turbo tank cleaner removes sediment from your hot water heater gives it a great advantage. It can more efficiently, and effectively remove sediment than either of the traditional methods because it has the capability to actually physically remove the sediment from the tank. All of the traditional methods cannot break through thick layers of sediment to reach the tank wall.


How To Use The Turbo Tank Cleaner

The use of the Turbo Tank Cleaner is by design, simple, and quick. The snake end of the turbo tank cleaner inserts into the tank through the drain spout at the bottom of your tank. The Clear plastic housing screws into place in the spout to prevent any leaking. A hose attaches to the other end of the Turbo Tank Cleaner to route the sediment filled water away from your home. In order to use the turbo tank cleaner, simply attach it to the end of a power drill, and set it to a lower setting to reduce the spinning speed. The snake part of the tool doesn’t need to go fast to remove the sediment. Being gentle with it will actually remove much more sediment and prevent any damage from occurring to your water heater. For a more detailed instruction on the use of the Turbo Tank Cleaner check out the video on their website!