Group of Dogs - How to Calm a Dog Down: 5 Simple & Effective Tips

How to Calm a Dog Down: 5 Simple & Effective Tips

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It is a well-known fact that dogs have a reputation for being playful creatures that seem to always be excited, especially when they see you! This is normally part of what makes our pups so precious. However, some dogs can take excitement way to far and this is when their behavior becomes hyperactive and unmanageable. At first, many dog owners think that this is a cute display of a burst of energy, but before too long the hyperactivity becomes persistent and the dog’s behavior can lead to frustration.

Even if your pup has attended a ton of training classes to allow you to manage and control his hyperactive behavior, sometimes it never seems enough to get them to calm down. In the majority of cases, hyperactive manic behavior is a symptom of boredom and this is what tends to occur when a pet is lacking socialization or mental stimulation. If your dog is still acting restless and hyper even after a really long hike, then he could be suffering from underlying stress or anxiety.

In the points below, we will be exploring the five most effective and beneficial way to calm your dog right down to the extent where it is a pleasure to spend time with them once again. Consistency is key when it comes to implementing any kind of routine, so be sure that you are combining these strategies with regular exercise and daily mental stimulation.

The Top 5 Ways to Calm a Dog Down

Do Not Reward Bad Behavior

Your dog is always going to try and get your attention. Sometimes, they will be cute, do tricks and fetch the ball and other times they will appear to be possessed by a demon. Of course, no one would reward bad behavior with a treat or affection, but even telling your dog off or shouting at him is giving him a form of attention that he is craving. One of the most effective ways to calm your hyper pup down is to ignore them entirely. This can be incredibly difficult to do when your dog is jumping around or barking at you, but the longer you demonstrate to them that you are not going to play into their attention seeking game, the quicker they should calm down.

Provide Them with a Distraction

If you are going out to work every day and leaving your dog for long periods of time and then when you get back you only take them out for a quick walk, then they are going to be prone to boredom or even separation anxiety in your pet. When a dog lacks mental or physical stimulation the majority of the time, when the time comes to finally go out to play or for a walk, they go absolutely nuts. If you can identify with this kind of behavior, then it’s always a good idea to provide them with something to keep them occupied while they are in the house. For example, you could consider buying a durable KONG toy that you can fill with treats or peanut butter that they will need to figure out how to access. If your dog won’t settle down even when you are spending time with him, then a game of seek and find (where you plant treats all around the house) can also keep him entertained, as can a raw meat bone.


Many people do not agree with medicating their dogs for issues unless there is no other option. Fortunately, there is an effective option for hyperactive or anxious dogs and it comes in the form of organic CBD oil or CBD-infused dog treats. Give your pup a couple of drops of the oil mixed into his food twice a day, or a few CBD dog treats each day and you should start to see results in as little as seven days. CBD has already made headlines thanks to its ability to diminish anxiety in humans and now even more holistic professionals are recommending it for use in pets as well. As we mentioned above, hyperactive behavior could very well be a result of anxiety, so experimenting with an all-natural medicine like CBD can only be a good thing for you and your hyper dog.

Make Sure That Your Dog Has a Calm Environment

Dogs have got an incredible ability to pick up on their human’s emotions. Have you ever noticed that when you feel sad your dog just seems to know and will cuddle up right next to you? What many people don’t realize is that your dog could start to reflect your temperament and mimic your behavior, which, in some cases, only adds to their source of stress. Making sure that your home environment is one that promotes calm and stability is going to be essential to ensuring that your dog is able to chill out even when you aren’t there. Most people consider their dogs to be their children, so any raised voices or arguments should only happen when they aren’t around to witness it. If your dog is acting out of character, it might be a good idea to take a look at your own state of mind to make sure that you are not transferring your mood onto him.

Vigorous Daily Exercise

Regardless of if you have a pug or a pitbull, your dog will need to be exercised daily if you want to ensure he is in optimal mental and physical health. While it is true that larger breeds require more exercise than their smaller companions, you should always make sure to find time every single day to give them sufficient walks and playtime.

Final Thoughts

Hyperactive behavior in dogs is extremely common and it tends to occur when the dog is transitioning from being a puppy into an adult dog. The reassuring news is that no dog is born completely hyperactive; therefore, this learned behavior can easily be undone and you can enjoy a harmonious bond with your faithful canine companion.

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