How to Download Garmin GPS Free Maps Online

Users of Garmin Nuvi GPS sat navs will be familiar with the occasional errors when they come across a road that their GPS doesn’t recognize, or even sometimes when a road has completely disappeared.  Getting lose is never fun, but the easy answer is to look for a Garmin GPS free maps download.  A free Garmin map update is easy enough to find and am I going to tell you how.

Getting a Garmin GPS Free Maps Download

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to download a hacked or unofficial map to get free map data on your Garmin Nuvi GPS.  Garmin actually release free map updates themselves to their customer base, and downloading one is relatively straight forward.  Knowing how to update Garmin Nuvi products is very easy and all the instructions to do so are on the Garmin website.  Here’s how it all works in more detail.

Downloading Free Garmin GPS Maps

Firstly go to the Garmin website and access their mapping section.  On there you will need to select the nuMaps Guarantee option.  Be aware though that not every customer can get free Garmin GPS maps, and some certain criteria needs to be fulfilled.  This tends to change quite regularly so we can’t go into all the rules here so make sure you check the website for yourself.

What else do I need to get a free Garmin map update?

When you first open your Garmin Nuvi GPS there should be a USB cable inside the box.  As long as you still have this and your serial number then you are ready to go.  It goes without saying that an Internet connection and a Mac or PC are also required.  The map download instructions are really easy to understand and will be on screen.

If you get stuck Garmin have a very good Support section also online, plus telephone numbers that you can call for some help and assistance.

Is it worth download free Garmin GPS maps?

Yes every time.  Without the latest maps on your Garmin Nuvi you run the risk of getting lose and never getting anywhere on time.  We would always recommend that you download a new map as often as you can do that you have the most up to date directions and points of interest.