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How To Find The Best Rexburg Restaurants

What should we have for dinner? This question needs to be answered every day. And for couples that have been together for a long time, this question can lead to plenty of rough nights. While it is a popular belief that money is the leading cause of divorce, about 37 percent of couples have reported that their most common fight is centered around what to eat for dinner. On average, this happens 156 times a year!

This is way too much! How can you prevent this from taking over your evening? For anyone living in the Rexburg area, knowing about all of the best Rexburg restaurants will surely help. Keep reading for some tips on how to find the best Rexburg restaurant and a list of the most popular places to eat in town.

Find The Best Restaurant In Rexburg

You might be thinking that Rexburg isn’t that big. You might be thinking that you have been everywhere there is in the area to grab a meal. Or you might be thinking that you would like to learn more about Rexburg restaurants and selecting the best place to eat, just might help cut down — or even prevent — the dinner-related arguments. Try these eight steps to find the best Rexburg restaurants (or whatever city you live in).

  • Word of mouth — If you are new in town or visiting, ask people at your hotel, gas station, etc for their favorite places to eat.
  • City website — Many cities will have helpful information on their website. Look for things like a dining section with reviews or links to the local restaurants. Right now, Rexburg restaurants do not appear to be listed on the city website.
  • Aggregators — Take a look at websites like City Data or AOL’s City Guide for aggregated information about the city in question. Check the discussion forums.
  • Newspapers — Yes, some people still read the newspaper. The ads might be helpful in finding events that will feature local foods.
  • Reviews — Search for restaurant reviews on places like Google or Yelp. Chances are you’ll find plenty of input from previous customers.
  • Zagat — Got to Zagat’s website for reviews of places to eat all over the world. The reviews and menus are accessible for free. Even more is available with the paid version.
  • Urban Spoon — Here is another website full of helpful information with local message boards and professional reviews.
  • Chowbaby — Here you’ll be able to map restaurants and find helpful calorie and other nutritional information.

The Top 5

Doing the research yourself can be rewarding. There’s no doubt about that. But, there are plenty of people who have already done research of their own. Sometimes is it just easier to start with the recommendations from someone else, try them out, and go from there. If that sounds more like your style, here is a list of the top five Rexburg restaurants. Keep in mind that this list is a couple of years old and won’t include new places in town like the Idaho Burger Grill.

  • The Hickory — An American BBQ sit down restaurant just off of Main Street. Options such as pulled pork, brisket, and ribs are just a few of the tasty entrees available. The Hickory is a family-friendly establishment, perfect for large groups, date nights, and dining on a budget.
  • Big Jud’s Country Diner — This family-friendly diner serving a vast array of specialty burgers, shakes, and portion sizes to truly test the strength of your belt. Those who finish their meal get a picture on the wall, and bragging rights forever.
  • Taqueria El Rancho — For a south of the border experience, try this authentic menu. Known for their excellent street tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, this affordable “taco bus” is the most authentic in the area.
  • Millhollow Frozen Yogurt — If you’re one to enjoy a warm meal topped off with a tasty treat, this is for you. Famous for their fresh-baked sandwiches, frozen yogurt, and friendly atmosphere, Millhollow is said by many, to be “The Gem of Rexburg.”
  • Da Pineapple Grill — This is the closest thing to a warm sandy beach in Rexburg. You’ll find a large selection of sushi rolls, Hawaiian cuisine, and Asian dishes. From salads to burgers, or shrimp to curry, you are sure to find a tasty meal here.

One More Thing

Instead of just worrying about finding the best place to eat, try finding out what is the best meal to eat. For example, a list of the best burgers in Idaho includes the South of the Border Burger at the Idaho Burger Grill. “Do you like spicy food? The Idaho Burger Grill has a burger that is sure to “spice” up your taste buds. The “South of the Border” Burger is a bacon cheeseburger with grilled jalapenos, guacamole, and spicy ketchup sauce. If you can handle the heat, then this burger is for you!”

In Conclusion

Whether you are new to Rexburg — and a lot of people are (especially students) — or you have lived in Rexburg for decades, finding a great place to eat can go a long way towards keeping the peace when it comes to dinnertime. Use these tips. Find your new favorite Rexburg restaurant. Eliminate the arguing that may lead to counseling for some couples. And have a great meal and a great night!