How To Reduce Young Driver Car Insurance Quotes Prices

There are many things that can help reduce young driver car insurance quotes down. Here you will find a selection of cost cutting tips that should if used correctly can potentially reduce your premium.

Visit a car insurance comparison site straight away and take a look at the top five selected insurance companies. These sites have comparison tables were you can find out the latest deals and offers from the top providers. You can see what the main features are, incentives, discounts plus any other benefits, such as free breakdown cover and courtesy vehicle. You can see who is offering the best no claims discount and what the cost is for paying monthly by direct debit. When you have selected the ones you like, go and obtain a quote from them for your requirements. It will not take long to get a few quotes, and then you will know who is offering the best deal. Make sure you keep the level of cover and excess the same on all quotes, so that you can compare them later. There are specialist car insurance providers for young drivers, take a look and see who they are at the comparison table. Post Office car insurance usually offer a good deal. Get a quotation from them and see how much they charge.

When completing the car insurance quote questions, you will find that you will need to provide your current no claims status. This will be low as young drivers don’t have many years built up on their policy yet. It will take a few years before you will see a reduction in your premium because of your no claims bonus. You will need more the four years with most insurers to see a saving. Young drivers can still get a discount on their policy for no claims if they add another driver onto the policy who already has a good status. A good person to include on your policy as a named driver is one of your parents. Adding another person may reduce your premium a little.

Consider taking out a third party, fire and theft motor insurance policy, instead of a comprehensive policy. Third party policies do not have the same level of coverage, but is much more affordable than a comprehensive policy.

The main aim for young drivers is to keep a clean licence and claim free, and then they should see a reduction in their car insurance premium.

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