How Traffic Control Actually Streamlines Our Commutes

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It is something that gets on our nerves to the point that we often lose site of the bigger picture. When you’re being substantially slowed down, rerouted, or brought to a standstill over an accident or roadside construction, it’s easy to forget what life would be like without the proper traffic control that keeps us all safe.

Traffic Control

Traffic control actually speeds up traffic in the long-run. Without the equipment and projects necessary to maintain our growing infrastructures, traffic everywhere would come to a grinding halt. It would be impossible to travel anywhere. Consider mass-scale accidents that would result from a lack of traffic signs, the massive back-ups that would come without the barricades and other equipment that is meant to divert traffic away from dangerous areas. 

Here we’ll be talking about the various benefits that traffic control provides us.

Traffic Control Benefits For Roadside Construction

We need our infrastructure constantly repaired and maintained. We also need it to grow to accommodate a growing population. For this to come to fruition, traffic control needs to be set up around roadside construction and maintenance projects for the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians alike. Yes, we all hate seeing those Construction Ahead signs up in the distance while traffic in front of us begins to slow down. We hate being diverted from our desired routes. However, as stated above, this improves our long-term driving experience in the long-run.

Traffic control for roadside construction projects needs to involve the following equipment:

Traffic Control
  • Traffic signs
  • Portable barricades (there are a wide variety of barricades available, from simple type one, two, and three barricades meant to simply divert traffic to large barricades meant to absorb the impact of vehicles and redirect them to a safe area)
  • Safety cones
  • Temporary traffic lights (many of these can read the flow of traffic and flash different messages such as Slow Traffic Ahead or Be Ready To Stop)
  • Barrier tape
  • Transverse rumble strips (these alert drivers when they’re entering unsafe or forbidden territory through a combination of audible and physical sensations)

Keeping vehicles and property safe during these projects is secondary to ensuring the safety of people. Traffic control must be as efficient as possible, otherwise everyone’s lives are at risk. The efficiency of traffic control will not only keep traffic going as fast as possible during these projects, but also afterward when the project is done and traffic can return to normal. 

Proper Traffic Control Actually Improves Fuel Economy and Reduces Pollution Levels

Traffic Control

If our infrastructure wasn’t constantly being maintained, and if traffic control didn’t keep traffic accidents at a minimum, overall traffic would be a very difficult and inconsistent thing. All of the sudden stopping and starting, speed increases and deceleration, cause you to use more fuel. The ideal is to drive at as consistent a pace as possible. This not only improves your fuel economy, but lowers overall fuel emissions, meaning less pollution for our cities.

How Proper Traffic Control Can Reduce Road Rage

It’s a rare person who has never experienced road rage. It is an incredibly dangerous impulse, and the reason it can be so intense is due to the fact that we are essentially isolated from the person we are mad at. We are basically in a private room – a fast moving room comprised of heavy material. Road rage has been the result of many fatal accidents, and is something that needs to be kept under control. 

One factor in this endeavor is proper traffic control. If traffic signs are damaged or missing, if street lights aren’t working, and if road stencils are fading or nonexistent, people are going to get very confused and more traffic mistakes are going to happen. This would lead to greater instances of road rage as a result of so much confusion and anarchy. People are going to start aggressively hitting the gas and cut around people. Distractions will happen and accidents will occur. In some cases, road rage has lead to actual physical conflicts.

Our vehicles are more than just vehicles – they’re potential killing machines. With the right traffic control, road rage can be reduced to a minimum because everyone will be operating on the same page.

Capitol Traffic Services Offers What You Need For Proper Traffic Control

Traffic Control

Capitol Traffic Services knows what it takes to keep traffic running efficiently, and what is required for the safety of workers, drivers, and pedestrians. Capitol Traffic Services is a traffic control rental equipment company you can rely on. They have virtually everything you need for traffic control. They also have a fully functional sign shop with a CNC router, allowing them to easily create and ship out custom traffic signs if they don’t have them in stock. They have what you need for:

  • Parking lots
  • Work zones
  • Roadside construction sites
  • Streets
  • Highways
  • And anywhere else traffic control might be required

Some of the many traffic control products they have to offer include:

  • Ver Mac portable traffic signals
  • Truck mounted arrow boards
  • Portable arrow boards
  • Road marking stencils
  • Aluminum stencils
  • Parking lot striping stencils
  • Traffic control plans
  • Portable barricades
  • Water filled barricades
  • Pavement stencils
  • ‘Portable traffic signs and signals
  • Traffic control rental equipment of all kinds

How Many Of Their Popular Products Function

Traffic Control
  • Construction Barricades – These are some of the most important things for traffic control. Many of them are made to absorb the force of vehicle impact and redirect vehicles away from people and other vehicles. There are also many simple barricades they offer that are meant strictly for redirecting vehicles away from unsafe or forbidden areas.
  • Construction, Safety, & Traffic Cones – Capitol Traffic Services offers a variety of traffic cones so that drivers can safely merge lanes or be redirected alongside or away from construction areas. These traffic cones are made to be as visible as possible both day and night.
  • Delineators – They offer temporary arrow top delineators which include 12 pound bases for stabilization. They provide them in orange, yellow, and white.
  • Barrier Tape – These can be used to close off various areas where people or vehicles are forbidden.
  • Temporary Traffic Lights – These are great for projects like one-lane work, bridge repair, and other similar projects.
  • Transverse Rumble Strips – These are used to alert drivers through a combination of physical and audible sensations. If drivers are falling asleep or not paying attention, they will snap them to alertness. Their transverse rumble strips are very easy to set up and tear down.
  • Traffic Control Signs – Their traffic control signs are all made to conform with California DOT and ADA regulations.