Kansas City Ford Dealers Used Car Buying Tips

Buying a used car can be and intimidating process; however, there are times when our old car just won’t cut it anymore and you must begin that shopping process. Armed with a few tips the used car buying process does not have to be so complex. Utilize the following guidelines, provided by Gregg Smith Ford one of the premier Kansas City Ford dealers, next time you’re shopping for a used car.

Deciding ahead of time what kind of car you’re going to be purchasing can save you a lot of time down the road. When you decide on a certain car it will allow you to focus on just those models available in your market. This way you’re not overwhelmed with all the different cars and trucks available and you can search on sites such as autotrader.com and local dealer sites for your specific car to comparison shop.

Another important item to consider is whether you will be purchasing from a dealership or from an individual. Many people are afraid to purchase from individuals; however, oftentimes you can receive a better deal by purchasing from an individual as long as you are cautious in the purchasing process. On the other hand, you may pay a little more buying from a dealer, but there are a number of positives including the cars are often professionally reconditioned, inspected, and covered by some form of warranty.

Once you’ve found a few cars you like it is important to test drive each one of them. Make sure you take the car on a good long test drive and not only on residential streets but also at highway speeds. Find somewhere to park the car and really inspect the inside and outside for any signs of damage. Inspect the paint very closely to be sure there is no damage and also write down the vin number to check for any accidents.

Finally, once you pick the best car it is time to have it inspected by your own independent mechanic. Do not rely on what a dealer or an individual tells you about a car. A mechanic you hire may find something wrong that an individual or dealer was not even aware of. Spending a little money on this step can often save you considerable headaches and costs in the future.

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