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Keep Your Silver Polished With One Easy Step

Silver is can be commonly found in many day-to-day items such as jewelry, home decor, antiques and “silverware”. Silver is not as commonly found as it used to be, but it’s still around. Though it is one of the most valuable metals used, it is one of the quickest to and easiest to become tarnished. Silver is a softer metal and tarnishing can happen as quickly as 24 hours. To help preserve your silver items, you need the perfect silver polish product to keep your silvers shining as if they were brand new. Look no further than Sheen Genie Metal Polish and Cleaner. Topped off with the Sealer and Repellant you can’t go wrong.

Why Choose Sheen Genie Silver Polish?

Because it is a great product for many reasons! It is so simple to use. A lot of other polishing products require you to first buff your metal surface. Buffing can cause scratches to your metal item that can last and are not easy to get rid of, if at all. With Sheen Genie, you just use the polishing product as is, no buffing needed. Which then leaves you to wonder if the polish has an abrasive quality to make up for the lack of buffing? NO, it does not! Sheen Genie’s products are all non-abrasive. It’s water and polymer-based formula uses chemical reactions to fight the oxidation effects instead of “scratching” it off. The formula also doesn’t include any petroleum solvents or gels. These can leave behind a residue that attracts dust and unwanted debris and leaves your item looking hazy. Not only do the Sheen Genie metal polishing products remove rust and oxidation effects it also removes bluing and discoloration, salt buildup, scratch lines and pitting, tarnishes and other wear and tear on metals. It also helps protect from future negatives by sealing in the polishing for up to six months. Just make sure to follow up on your polishing with the Sheen Genie Sealer and Repellent.

Sheen Genie metal polish kit

Another great reason to choose Sheen Genie over other metal polishing products is that it is completely safe! There are absolutely no harsh chemicals used within the formula. It is a non-acidic formula and is actually environmentally friendly. The bottles are also made from recycled plastic materials. It also has very little odor to it. It is a very neutral smelling formula making it safe to use indoors. No mask or outdoor space is needed to use these products. One user even described the scent to be similar to a clay face mask she uses, smelling earthy and pleasant.

You can also use Sheen Genie on your car or motorcycle. The Sheen Genie metal polish has been tested at high temperatures to be able to last on your high heat metals. It has been tested up to 600 degrees without breaking down, streaking, flaking or dulling. It has never broken down from the heat or become hazardous or flammable. It has been tried and true as a heat-resistant formula. Along with being heat-resistant, Sheen Genie metal polish removes and protects against the following:

  • Oxidation
  • Brake Dust
  • Water Spots
  • Bluing and Discoloration
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Road and Sea Salt
  • Tarnishing
  • Dirt and Mud Stains
  • Sun Spots
  • Tar Tarnish
  • Fading
  • Rust
  • Pitting 
  • Scratches

How to Polish Silver Using Sheen Genie

metal polish cleaner

Using our Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner, apply a small dab amount to your cotton cloth. Be sure to use a non-dyed cotton cloth or non-abrasive cloth for the best results and to help avoid scratching your silver. Wipe it on the surface of your silver and then using a clean part of the cloth or an additional separate cloth wipe off the polish. There’s no need to wait, Sheen Genie works immediately and with little effort. There’s no buffing required! If you’ve ever tried to use any other brand of polish, specifically silver polish, then you’ll notice that after some time that oxidation and grime will just appear on the surface. It happens when some brands use petroleum oils in their formula and Sheen Genie uses a water-based formula.

Tips to Preserve Your Silver

  • Store your silver item away from any air and heat current spots
  • Use an airtight drawer or chest to store your silver. 
  • Wrap your freshly polished silver in cotton, felt, or acid-free tissue paper to delay tarnish formation.
  • Use Sheen Genie Sealer and Repellant after the Polish and Cleaner for a shine lasting up to 6 months!

When you are looking for high quality, long-lasting metal polishing products, look no further than Sheen Genie. With our superior products, we can guarantee a lasting and effective finish on all your metal items. Give it a shot and we promise after your first use you will be amazed and won’t go back to using anything else.