Learn How To Sell Your RV For A Lot More Money

There are several people out there trying to sell their RV.  How are you going to sell your RV and get more for when it sells?   To start with, no two used RVs are alike, but you want a potential buyer to look at your RV, before he looks at anyone else’s.  Also, the more people you can get to look at your RV, the easier time you are going to have to be able to sell it.  Make sure that it is not overpriced to begin with, and then look for five or six different places where you can advertise your RV for sale.  Some of these places can be free such as free online classified ads, or on Craigslist.  Some of them can be paid listings, but keep track of how many calls you get from each venue.  If one venue is not working or not generating  calls after two or three weeks, switch it out for something else and see if you can get more of a response from them.

In addition to advertising RVs for sale by owner, make sure that your RV is professionally detailed and cleaned. When someone does come and look at it, you want to be able to give them as nice an impression as possible.  You also need to get rid of any smells that might send your potential buyers running to the opposite direction.
Also, take good pictures of you used RV and place them in the listing if you can.  People say the picture is worth 1000 words, and if you are not advertising your RV with a picture, people will not be interested in it when they see it.  After all, there are hundreds of used RVs for sale by owner, you need to make your listing as nice as possible and you need to make it stand out.  Also, give people a reason to call you so that they will.  The more calls you get, the more likely you are going to be to be able to sell your RV for the most money.

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