Motoring Tips – Car Insurance Cost Saving Methods

Motorists need all the help that they can get these days especially as costs for running a motor are always rising. Motor insurance premiums over the last year have been reported to have gone up by more than 100 percent with some insurers. So it is more important than ever to read these cost saving tips, so you have a chance to reducing your premium and getting cheaper car insurance quotes.

The internet is definitely the place to search for cheaper quotes. Using the older method of ringing round insurance companies on the phone and speak to an adviser, does not have the same benefits. Costs are always high to speak to someone on the phone, as an online facility has a different cost structure. Buying online does get you an online discount for starts, and you can easily compare features, benefits and prices against each other. Using one of the comparison sites, select the best policies that you want to get a quotation for, and then go direct to the insurers website and submit your car insurance requirements. Plus, don’t forget to keep the excess and features exactly the same, otherwise you’ll not be able to compare them properly. The Swinton car insurance policy can offer motorists a good deal. Why not check them out and see if they can give you a cheaper quote?

You can get a discount if you store your vehicle in a safe location at night. Security is one of the vital parts of an insurance quotation. If you happen to park your vehicle in a safe place like a garage at night, then you will find that you could achieve a small saving or discount from the insurer.

The same goes when you fit a security alarm or immobilizer to your vehicle. It makes it less likely for your car to be stolen, and for this an insurer should offer you a discount for being less risk for making a claim.

Your no claims status is very important too. Motorists that have not made a claim in the last five years can expect a discount. The more years were you have not made a claim will mean the bigger the discount you can achieve. The maximum discount from most companies is around 75 percent. Insurer really does reward safe drivers.

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