Natural Hair Restoration Over Prescription Drugs

Both males and females can have the ill-fated experience of balding and not have the lush hair they did as a teenager.  Females tend to have thinning over their whole head rather than in only specific regions so males are more prone to experience pattern balding than females are.  As a result of a real medical condition called androgenic alopecia, which is caused by a particular enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase, the pattern baldness seems to run in families.  Together with the men’s testosterone this enzyme produces a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  The follicles start to reduce in size and lessen once the hair is exposed to this mixture.  It seems that DHT is the cause of this state of hair growth retardation which can actually hinder the growth of new hair.  High levels of DHT can cause other problems as well like with the urinary tract.  Balding therapies that consist of natural products is a means to combat the pattern.

In North America there is a herbal hair restoration treatment at hand called Saw Palmetto.  For centuries this herb has been used to take care of male urinary tracts, and also prostate problems.  Saw Palmetto has been found to slow down the production of DHT, which in turn can slow the balding together with decreasing the size of enlarged prostate glands.  Obviously, there are treatments and other man-made drugs that intend to slow the production of DHT, such as the FDA endorsed oral medicine Finasteride, which is endorsed for prostate issues and to treat the process of losing hair.  Since this drug cures two disorders at the same time, the majority of men consider it a miracle medicine.

However, before taking a recommended drug many men and women will attempt the natural way.  Those that find a simple cure, for example saw palmetto, are delighted that it is cheap to buy and easily accessed at their home health and grocery stores.  Also, numerous highly regarded stores on the web sell such products at a discounted price.  This can reduce the hair restoration cost significantly, because you will need to prolong the treatment to maintain your hair growth.

Only the individual experiencing the disorder can choose what treatment is best for them.  So as to bring back and stop the process of losing hair, it is surprising to see many doctors and those with great experience in the field of baldness prescribe the natural products.  Although medicinal plants have the same effects as the recommendation drugs, they often have fewer side effects.