Pay How You Drive Your Car Insurance – Knowing The Facts

Pay how you drive car insurance is a new way of reducing your car insurance quote and is based on rewarding safe driving. It is primarily focused towards young drivers aged between seventeen and twenty four years of age.

Many young driver insurance providers are now using this technology and asking their policyholders to install a smart box in their car, this will help to assess their driving behavior over a period of time. Good driving behavior over a three month period will be rewarded with a discount, and there monthly premium will be altered accordingly. Bad driving behavior could cause your premium to go up in price. So depending on a drivers style of driving and whether they have been driving safely, will depend on whether their premium will be reduced or not.

The smart boxes are free and are very compact and just need fitting to your vehicle. This innovative technology is a great way to help young drivers reduce their premium. They can reduce their premium even more, if they are prepared to install a free anti-theft tracking device as well. This can add peace of mind to the insurer and the policyholder, helping to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

Installing one of the smart boxes is part of the terms and conditions with a young driver car insurance policy with some providers, but is a fantastic method for reducing ones premium. Make sure when you are looking for cheap young driver motor insurance providers that the one you get a quote from offer a smart box to help assess and reward your driving with a discount, and apply it to your premium. As soon as you see these safer driving discounts applied to your premium every three months you will be able to see your premium drop in price. So if you are serious about saving more money on your motor insurance, the you should definitely consider implementing some of the above cost cutting methods. Post Office car insurance quotes are a good place to start, as they will compare their panel of insurers to get you the best quote.

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