A Pistol Safe for Your Vehicle

Do you have a permit to carry a concealed gun?  This is becoming much more common as almost 3/4 of the US states have enacted some conceal carry laws.  Even though you have the permit, there are still plenty of places you can not or prefer not to carry a firearm.  Most government buildings, schools, and some businesses prohibit carrying while you are on their property.  At other times, you may want to be unarmed such as when you are at a bar, out with friends, or in a business setting.

Unfortunately, too many gun owners simply put their pistol under the driver’s front seat.  This is no place to store your gun as it can easily be stolen or if you have children, they can easily find it if you forget to secure it when they are in the car.

You need a place to securely store your pistol when it is not in your possession.  A pistol safe makes an excellent way to feel good that your gun and your children are protected.  These small safes are not meant for ultimate security, but for convenience.  They are light weight and can typically hold 1-2 handguns.  They will either have a steel cable that tethers around a secure part of the vehicle or they will mount in the console of the car.

Most less expensive models will have a simple keyed lock.  This is typically fine for your vehicle, but remember that anyone can find your key and it will be slower to open in an emergency.  Newer and more expensive models will be either electronic keypad models or even biometric units.  These will both speed up access your pistol and increase the security of the contents because the combination can not be broken.

If you own a handgun you should secure it properly in your vehicle when it is not in use.  Remember, the best pistol safe is one that gets used.

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