Reasons Why You Should Update Your Acura Navigation DVD

Many of the Acura cars that are on the market in North America come with the option of paying for the in-dashboard navigation system – and drivers that opt for this added extra won’t need to incur the additional expense of buying a standalone device like a TomTom or Garmin.  However, whilst this might sound like you are making savings, it’s not always that straight-forward because by their very nature, GPS devices can become out of date and will need to be regularly updated with new map software – which is where hidden costs can be accrued.

The prices of map updates tend to vary depending on which model from the Acura range you drive, but as a general rule you should not need to spend anything more than $150 US Dollars, and the map updates come on an Acura Navigation DVD which you then insert into the dashboard disc drive – the disc will take care of the rest.  But why pay for an Acura map update in the first place?  Is it worth the money?  Here are some mitigating factors which should help you to make your own mind up.

Road Networks Change Every Year

Each and every day there is a change happening somewhere on the United States road network.  This means that the Acura GPS navigation system is out of date constantly.  Your GPS is only as good as the map information that it carries and so you should update it if you want to reduce the chances of getting lost whilst driving across America.  The new Acura DVD comes out once a year and will contain and changes that have occurred since the last update 12 months previously.  So whilst it will never be possible to be 100% current, at least it will be as good as the software allows.

Using a GPS Saves Fuel Bills

According to research, the average driver will save money on fuel and gas if they use a GPS device – and in particular one that is completely up to date.  The reasons are quite obvious, because a GPS will always try to route the driver the shortest and quickest route possible – thus saving on fuel.  If your Acura Navigation system is up to date then you can be certain that you are driving more economically than you have ever done before.  In addition to that, the Acura system comes with smart traffic alerts so ti will help you to avoid jams which are where high fuel consumptio0n typically occurs.

Save Money on the New Acura Navigation DVD

With the new DVD already out, there is no better time to update your car’s system.  Admittedly though, this can be quite expensive so you should try to take advantage of any current Acura Navigation Coupon Code websites that are offering money off – or free postage and packaging.

The new discs will typically take around 7 working days to arrive and each package will have your own unique customer identification number on it meaning that only you can use that DVD on your car.  This why Acura navigation torrent files will not work if you try to hack the system.

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