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San Antonio Plumber FAQs

In our lives, there are many forms of technology that make things easier for us. For example, we’ve never had to live without plumbing. Most of us don’t give plumbing a second thought because we’ve always had in our lives. But it cannot be ignored and when there is a plumbing problem you’ll be on the phone immediately to your San Antonio plumber.

You can give yourself a big advantage in the plumbing department by having your San Antonio plumber do a home inspection. This can save you a lot of time and money if you do it before purchasing a home. During a situation like that, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Most people do. In this article, we will be talking about some of the most common questions about plumbing and their answers.

Questions For Your San Antonio Plumber

What can I do to avoid plumbing problems on a daily basis?

This is one of those big questions that everyone has, and for a good reason. If you can avoid plumbing problems, make sure to do that!

There are quite a few things you can do to avoid problems that require a San Antonio plumber. Many of them are just following some common sense in avoiding these issues. For example, people tend to pour fat grease from cooking down the drain. Sometimes even without really realizing it. This can stick around, harden, and narrow your pipes. You need to find a different way to dispose of grease. The same thing goes for flushable wipes. Countless people have had to make a call to their San Antonio plumber because of the improper disposal of these wipes. The problem with the wipes is that they don’t break down in the septic system.

Another tip. Do not hang stuff on your plumbing pipes. This goes especially for the pipes found in your basement that are not made to support the additional weight. This means your plumbing pipes are not clothing racks or used to hold anything else. You should also avoid using drop-in style cleaners for your tank or bowl. Of course, you don’t want to clean a stinky, dirty toilet bowl, but using a cleaner like this can create problems in the future — like damaging your pipes for instance.

If you have a garbage disposal — don’t abuse it. This cannot be stressed enough. Remember, it is not a garbage can. It might be easier to take those big chunks of food on a plate and throw it down into the disposal, but you’ll be better off putting them in the trash. Doing that too frequently can damage the blades inside your disposal and lead to problems with clogging. It is best to try and limit the things that go down the disposal to smaller chunks and softer foods.

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What are some seasonal plumbing maintenance tasks?

Many people may not know this but when the seasons change so do your plumbing needs. For instance, in the wintertime, if the temperature in your area drops below zero, you should probably check your pipe insulation. Checking this will make sure that you won’t get a burst pipe — something that will surely lead to a service call from a San Antonio plumber. It can cause a lot more damage than you might expect.

Now in the summer, it is a great time to do those upgrades or needed repairs that you’ve been putting off. So make sure to get all these done while you have the time.

In the spring, you want to make sure to check your sprinkler lines before bringing them back into the system. It’s important to do this because they haven’t been used all winter. So make sure they are still in functioning condition. When the leaves begin changing color and falling off their trees — this may cause your gutters, downspouts, and any other outdoor drainage to clog. This is potentially bad because that’s when you’ll need them the most — in preparation for the winter ahead. When in doubt, in warmer seasons you’ll want to make sure to check all your plumbing. It is important to make sure all the pipes are good and there are no leaks. If there are, it will be much easier to have them done ahead of fall and winter.

What should I do annually to keep my plumbing running in top condition?

Plumbing can be difficult and hard to keep up on, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know what to do, what research to look at, and who to contact, (your San Antonio plumber) to help you keep your plumbing system in good shape. While it’s always best to call a plumber and professional help if you have a serious plumbing problem, there are a lot of things you can do at home that will keep your system running better and cheaper than waiting until there is an issue and then calling a professional.

As discussed above, make sure to check for leaks, slow drainage from sinks or showers,  anything that may have an outcome of a clog, your water pressure and flow, and finally and most importantly make sure to get annual checkups as well just to make sure your system is in good shape and able to provide you with the proper service it has been designed to do.


While there are many more questions that can be asked and answered, these were the top three most asked questions. These topics can definitely have a great impact in the long run. If you have any more questions, the internet is your best friend and so is your San Antonio plumber. Your plumbing system is there for your convenience. Knowing how to properly take care of it is very important. It doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. It’s there to make your life not only stress free but hassle-free as well.