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Sheen Genie in the Car Show World

As a car enthusiast, one of the most exciting things to attend can be a car show. But not just any car show, a national top-rated car show. These car shows provide local car lovers to come and see the featured cars that others have spent so much time and effort into restoring these classic beauties. The car shows give us a glimpse into the history of cars and what they used to be like in the good ‘ole days. With the right parts and products, a classic car can be brought back to its original shining state. Sheen Genie metal polish products have been used at automotive shows as the top-rated polishing product for many years now.

America’s Top 10 Classic Car Shows

Napa has rated car shows across the nation and rated the following as the top ten shows you need to attend as a car enthusiast in 2019. Make sure to check out the shine that could have potentially been provided to you by Sheen Genie.

  • Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: This signature event is held in Pebble Beach, California. Held on August 18, 2019, general spectators viewing begins at 10:30 AM. Purchase tickets here! Concours is French for “a parade of Vintage vehicles”. The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance started back in 1950 and has been a coveted competition to participate in from car enthusiasts all over the world. This show brings in about 200 collector cars and motorcycles for your viewing pleasure. Judging is based on elegance. Judges will look for style, technical merit, history, and the accuracy of preservation or restoration.
  • The Woodward Dream Cruise: This large scale auto event is held in Metro Detroit, Michigan on August 17, 2019, from 9 AM to 9 PM. How fitting for the birthplace of the automobile to hold the largest car show in America? This one-day celebration attracts over 1 million visitors, and more than 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, collector, and special interest vehicles. The Woodward Dream Cruise is free to both that wish to cruise along in their own classic vehicle, and to those that wish to soak in the beautiful views.
  • Charlotte Autofair: This four-day event takes place in Concord, North Carolina on the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This year the event is from October 17-19 2019. Gates are open at 8 AM and you can stay as long as you like. Tickets are available at the gate or online for purchase. During the Charlotte Autofair, there will be auctions, a classic car corral and a flea market with hundreds of vendor including food and drink. It’s estimated that over 150,000 will attend this year’s Charlotte Autofair.
  • Amelia Concours d’Elegance: This classic car show takes place at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia, Florida. It is held in March, so the next available showing will be March 5-8 2020. The Amelia Concours d’Elegance focuses on the finest vintage vehicles. This event includes an RM Sotheby’s auction, seminars, ride-and-drives, and cars & coffee. The panel of judges is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the automotive world. You can begin purchasing tickets for the Amelia Concours d’Elegance in September of 2019.
  • The Elegance at Hershey: You can attend this elegant car show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This event takes place on June 7-9 2019. This weekend celebration starts with a historic hill climb on the backroad to the Hershey Hotel. After the grand ascent, the Elegance at Hershey is filled with galas, vendors, garden parties and vintage cars galore.
  • Southwest Street Rod Nationals Plus: This year 36th annual Southwest Street Rod Nationals took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma during the weekend of April 12-14 2019. This is just one of ten events hosted by the National Street Road Association. The Southwest event brings in over 1,700 vintage and classic cars for you to obsess over. Along with being able to spectate at the vehicle exhibition, this event includes Commercial Exhibitors, a Swap Meet and Women’s World full of exhibitions and vendors.
  • Hilton Head Motoring Festival and Concours d’Elegance: This 10-day long event is held in two unforgettable locations. During October 24-27 2019, the event takes place in Savannah, Georgia. During this time, one of the oldest vintage races will happen. The second portion of the Hilton Head Motoring Festival and Concours d’Elegance is from November 1-3 2019 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. During this portion of the event, there will be cars on showcase, aviation events, seminars and more! Buy your tickets here.
  • Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors: This newer classic car show takes place in Telluride, Colorado. It is a 4-day event spanning from September 26-29 2019. You can purchase your tickets here. The Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors is a colorful event set against the beautiful fall foliage background. Showcasing old cars, high-end restorations, vintage, and exotic vehicles, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Vintage motorcycles and airplanes are also included in this spectacular event.
  • Iola Old Car Show & Swap Meet: As one of America’s largest auto events, it takes place in the wee town of Iola, Wisconsin from July 11-13 2019. You can secure your tickets from their homepage here. The Iola Old Car Show & Swap Meet includes 2,500 show cars, 4,200 swap spaces, 1,600 campsites, 1,000 for sale car corral spaces, national sponsor displays, giveaways, and plenty of affordable food and fun. This special swap meet will give visitors the chance to obtain historic automotive artifacts. The cherry on top? Free parking!
  • The Texas Hoedown: The classic car show takes place in Homestead, Texas and occurs in the month of May. This special event only showcases pre-1972 custom hot rods, muscle cars, lowriders, traditional choppers and bobbers and more. You can also check out the roller derby, art show, and live bands during the Texas Hoedown. With this special class of showcased cars, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to check them out.

Sheen Genie Metal Polish

metal polish for motorcycles

When it comes to your classic and vintage cars, you want to be sure you are using the best of the best products. Sheen Genie metal polish has been proven to be superior to other competing polishes. There are many reasons why Sheen Genie has been the chosen metal polish but here are the top ones that we think matter the most.

Sheen Genie is non-abrasive. When you need to ensure the preservation of your metals, look no further than Sheen Genie metal polishing products. Many polishing products require buffing the metals with abrasive formulas. Abrasives are meant to scratch off the oxidation. This can ruin your metal surfaces and shorten their lifespan. Sheen Genie has spent many years perfecting the formula to be non-abrasive! Instead of scratching the oxidation off, Sheen Genie’s metal polish formula uses a chemical reaction to fully remove the oxidation and rust.

Sheen Genie is water-based. Sheen Genie is water-based instead of petroleum-based like other common metal polishing products. Petroleum-based products can leave behind a residue that you would have to continue to attempt to wipe and buffed off. This left behind residue can collect dust and unwanted micro-debris, which in the end can further scratch your metal surfaces. With Sheen Genie metal polish you don’t have to worry about that as their formula is water-based and does not leave behind any unwanted residue.

Sheen Genie is resistant to high heat. The metal polish has been tested and at over 600 degrees and has no reaction to the heat. At 600 degrees there was no breakdown, streaking, flaking or dulling. The metal polish and sealer repellent hold their integrity against high heat and do not become hazardous or flammable. This feature is critical when using it on your classic cars and motorcycles.

Sheen Genie complete metal care kit

Sheen Genie lasts for 6 months. Combine the metal polish with the sealer and repellent it will create a protective coat over your freshly polished metal that will keep that shine going for months to come. No other product guarantees that kind of time frame. Not only does this save you the time of having to continuously repolish your metals, but it also saves your product. One bottle of Sheen Genie metal polish will have 10-12 applications on a car and 15-18 applications on a motorcycle. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your product we offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, but we highly doubt that.