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Silver Polish Will Maintain Your Metals

Silver is one of the most sought after metals in the world. It is commonly used in home decor, jewelry, coins, antique guns, precious swords and knives, and of course finishing in second place at the Olympics. Its most common use is for silverware. Whether you are a world-class athlete that just missed the gold, or you just enjoy a quality eating utensil, you’ll want to keep your silver looking great with an excellent silver polish.

Having the right silver polish on hand is important due to the fact that silver is a fairly soft metal. Its surface can be susceptible to tarnishing quickly. That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about if you keep a fresh supply of Sheen Genie on hand.

What Is Silver Polish?

Do you want to learn about polishing? Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about it. “Polishing is often used to enhance the looks of an item, prevent contamination of instruments, remove oxidation, create a reflective surface, or prevent corrosion. In metallography and metallurgy, polishing is used to create a flat, defect-free surface for examination of a metal’s micro-structure under a microscope.”

Most metal polishing compounds have heavy abrasives in their formulas. Over the years, abrasives used in metal polish formulas have changed. They have become less and less about the cutting away of the grime and more about the polishing. Abrasives are made from natural and synthetic material. They are designed to remove surface buildup and dullness by literally scratching and cutting it off. The size abrasive in a compound needs to precisely match the specific metal you are going to polish. Choosing the wrong one can mean damaging your metal by cutting through protective layers, wasting your product by using more than necessary, or having to make more physical effort than needed. There should be a better way, right? Well, there is.

How To Use Your Silver Polish In One Step

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  1. The first step is to get your hands on some Sheen Genie silver polish. Then, using your Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner, apply a small dab to your cotton cloth. Wipe it on the surface of your silver and then using a clean part of the cloth or an additional separate cloth, wipe off the silver polish. There’s no need to wait. Sheen Genie works immediately and with little effort needed. There’s no buffing required! If you’ve ever tried to use any other brand of polish, specifically silver polish, then you’ll notice after some time that oxidation and grime will appear on the surface. This happens when some brands use petroleum oils in their formula, Sheen Genie does not.

Some Helpful Tips

Here’s a couple things to do that will help keep your freshly polished silver nicer and shiny for much longer.

  • Store your silver items in a location that is void from air and heat current spots. Your best option is an airtight drawer or chest.
  • After polishing your silver, wrap it in cotton, felt or acid-free tissue paper to delay the formation of any tarnish.
  • Use the Sheen Genie sealer + repellent after you have used the metal polish + cleaner to polish your silver. Your silver platter or dish will show brand-new like luster and shine for six months or more!

What Can It Be Used On?

Sheen Genie was created for use in the automotive industry, but you can feel free to use it on many other items around your house or shop. Here are some of the surfaces that have been repeatedly mentioned by Sheen Genie users: chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, nike, pewter, gold, silver, copper and brass. If you have tried, and had success using it on other materials, let them know about it. They would love to see some photos of your beautifully polished materials.

The Sheen Genie Difference

Not only does the silver tarnish much quicker than most other metals, it must also be delicately polished to begin with. Since silver is a more exotic polished and softer metal, the monetary value often times translates in the silver object simply being plated. If you consider cleaning or polishing your plated silver using household polishes will literally scratch the silver right off of the surface. Please, do not use common household cleaners or abrasive cloths. Only use a non-dyed cotton cloth. We encourage you regardless of whether or not you use our solutions to be careful what you apply to your silver.

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Sheen Genie developed a non-abrasive formula that dissolves tarnish build-up. Chemically, our silver polish will eat away grime, tarnish, and oxidation from the surface without eating into protective layers. This ensures it won’t scratch the finish while removing the tarnish. It also means it’s actually very easy to do. When our non-toxic ingredients touch the silver and tarnish — a chemical reaction instantly takes place. In the layman’s terms — no more rubbing and buffing. We also utilize a water base, not petroleum or oil base. This removes the heavy film and black residue from being part of the silver polishing process. It also means the silver will have a smoother higher gloss and look than ever before. When you use an abrasive silver polish the fine scratching of the metal determines the smoothness of the finish, ultimately determining how shiny the silver turns out. No abrasives and no oils will mean that the silver has been purified. Our philosophy is this the smoother the surface the higher the gloss!

Maintain High Gloss Shine With Metal Sealer

Did you know that Sheen Genie uses sealer and repellant? That is just one reason why this product is so successful. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your metal surface after polishing? Polishing should just be your first step. Once that object has been polished, the shine almost instantly can begin to go away. Like wax creates a protective finish on a painted surface, Sheen Genie Sealer does the same for metal surfaces. It creates a clear protective barrier.

Sheen Genie ultimate metal care kit

This is a great solution for a common problem. With most abrasive metal polishes, your metal will “pit” over time. That means you’ll have to expend less time and energy in the future to keep that polished look and feel. The first time you use Sheen Genie will be the last time you use anything else.

About Sheen Genie

The company was created as an industrial metal polish for the automotive detailing industry. It didn’t take long to make a name in the automotive field. So, the next step was to hit the retail market for the everyday consumer. The product exceeds the performance of any other water based polish, polymer based sealer or dry detailer in the market.To see for yourself, get your Sheen Genie order started today. Your metal will be glad you did!