Technology Required for the Modern Office

A lot has changed in terms of how we regard your typical “office”. In the past, it used to simply be a place where people gathered to perform their daily work tasks, interact with clients, and strategize together. Today, it’s something a bit more abstract.

With the rise and constant evolution of the internet, we now have technology such as teleconferencing for communication with remote employees and clients, The Cloud that allows us to store data online, and various task management systems, the scope of what an “office” can be has expanded greatly.

An office could be a purely physical space as described above, a purely online space where remote employees communicate and share data, or some combination of the two.

In this post, we’ll be going over what is needed in the modern office.

The Basics

Yes, there’s plenty of online technology that makes our workdays easier and streamlines productivity, That said, no office could properly function without the barebones essentials. 

Printer Supplies

Functioning printers are a necessity for virtually any office. For your printers to function, you need the right printer supplies for the job. 

How much printing your office requires depends on the size of your business. Large businesses will need to be printing off tons of documents on a daily basis, however, even small businesses can’t get by without a printer or two.

The size of your business is going to determine what kind of printer you need.

  • Inkjet Printers: This is a printer that connects ink to paper through digital print. They’re low in both upfront and operating cost, however, there’s also the cost of ink maintenance to think about. Inkjet printers employ ink cartridges. These are better for small offices.
  • Laser Printers: These printers use electrostatic lasers to connect images to paper. They’re faster than inkjet printers and are much better for large-scale printing.


Standing for Point of Sale, POS supplies include receipt paper and technology used to print it for customers, clients, and for the business itself to keep track of inventory, spending, reports, and monthly sales.

These come in various forms, including:

  • One-Ply Paper Rolls
  • Multi-Ply Paper Rolls
  • Thermal Paper Rolls

Digital Office Supplies

Personalized Lighting Systems

Modern personalizable lighting systems are available for your modern office. They can be automatically adjusted or manually adjusted right from your mobile device.

Smart Office Designs

This technology allows you to directly adjust:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heat
  • Lighting
  • Facility forecasting
  • Air circulation
  • Security
  • Desk sensors

All of this can be accomplished right through your mobile phone.

Productivity Apps & Software

You can greatly improve office productivity and allow you and your employees to better collaborate with one another through technology like:

  • The Cloud
  • Collaboration Suites
  • Management Software

Networking Solutions

Wi-Fi networks can be used by information technology support teams to save you money and time at your business. This can be accomplished via VPNs, security software, and affordable outsourced Cloud computing and printing. 

This is a fantastic benefit to companies, even those with employees working remotely in cities, states, or even countries away; all of them can use the same network where they collaborate and work on various tasks.