The Everyday Carry Concept Or EDC

EDC or everyday carry refers to small items and gadgets worn on a daily basis. Small items that are carried in pockets, holsters or bags to manage common tasks or emergencies. It is the discipline of being prepared.

Most common EDC pack of items contains at least one cutting tool, usually folding pocket knives, a lighter and some paracord. Other really popular choices are flashlights, multitools, fixed blade neck knives, whistles, pens, self defense items (which may include a firearm, a self defense knife, kubotan, baton, pepper spray etc), bandanam watch, wallet and first aid items.

Everyone builds his “EDC” based on his needs and wants. This is half the fun, to tweak the items in your EDC. But it’s not only for fun. EDC reflects a certain lifestyle choice. One of preparedness, being prepared for any type of situation one could encounter in his day. Some people like to prepare for emergencies also, this gives them peace of mind, and if all hell breaks loose they will not be caught completely off guard at least.

People who carry EDC items like to plan ahead. The EDC must be small enough so you can carry it with minimum effort. If it’s too big and too heavy, you won’t carry it everywhere with you, and that defeats the purpose. Most people like to attach their EDC items to the keys and have an additional pocket knife and flashlight.

For some people EDC means carrying a firearm. That means a concealed carry weapon permit is necessary. The needs and things that people prepare for are different. Some want to have a swiss army knife at hand if there is a package to open, or maybe a bottle of wine. Others want to prepare for the upcoming Apocalypse. Every EDC is different. A good selection of pocket knives and flashlights seem to be the common denominator among the EDC fans and a good place to start if being prepared seems like your philosophy too.